Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The 'Case' with the Moon Landing

OK, that was cool. I'm such a sucker for history, so I love it when this show takes a fictional case and revolves it around a bona fide historical event and it actually works (trust me, there are many times when it doesn't). This moon landing outing worked so well because the case was strong enough to stand alone, but enhanced by its reliance on the monumental event taking place in the background. The "Rocket Boys" and their fascination with space travel down to each of them taking on one of the astronauts' names, Danny's unrelenting quest to build a model rocket that takes off for the skies instead of imploding on the sidewalk, and of course, the actual moon landing footage playing in the background all worked to tie the fiction and the history together so seamlessly. This week's extremely sympathetic victim Danny reminded me of the victim of another case a few seasons back. Poor little Rita and her desire to make friends led her to a terrible sleepover where she was tormented and eventually shoved off of a ledge. Like Rita, Danny wanted to make friends and when he did, it cost him his life. The cases with kid victims are always the hardest on this show.

Meanwhile, Lilly was bonding with a retired detective over "the one that got away." For him, it was Danny's case. For Lilly, well, that's a case that she referred to simply as "Cooper." At the end, we got a first name: Paul. Now, for those who have read ahead, I think we have a pretty good idea about this Paul Cooper. For those who haven't and don't want to know, go ahead and cover your eyes now. OK, you were warned. We know that Lilly's mysterious father is making a guest appearance this season, and thanks to LillyKat, we also know that his name is Paul Cooper. So, why did he disappear (was it Mom's drinking or did Dad's departure lead to Mom's drinking? The classic chicken or the egg) and where has he been and how is Lilly going to find him? My interest is piqued on this story and I just hope that the show does a better job with this one than they did with the mom story.

OK, you can uncover your eyes now. Thanks to a strong case rooted in history, CC moves to 7-0 on the season. Screencaps courtesy RichE at Look Again.


RichE. said...

"how is Lilly going to find him?"

I'd have to hazard a guess at her going to the address on that piece of paper she has :-)

Not a bad episode, better than last week's The Dealer, which seemed to belong in season 5, not the rejuvenated S6.


suekola44 said...

I definitely liked this week's episode alot better than the last few. A very sympathetic victim along with the always interesting historical moonwalk in the background. All in all a good episode this week. I kinda figured that Paul Cooper was going to turn out to be her father. We shall see how this plays out.

TVFan said...

Everybody's a comedian. ;-)