Monday, November 10, 2008

'Dexter' Keeps the Code

'Dexter' is back for Season 3By LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

Last week, we thanked the heavens for Harry.

This week, we thank the heavens for The Code.

Even Dexter's modified version of it.

As in, we don't go after defense attorneys just because Miguel Prado as a bee up his bum and/or said defense attorney is a) very good, and b) makes Prado's work difficult by doing said good job.


I was going to flip off the channel to Dexter last night if Dex really did take Miguel Prado up on his let's-go-after routine as it pertained to Ellen Wolf, Miami's numero uno defense attorney.

Miguel needs help.

And it is not of the vigilante justice variety.

Perhaps both he and Ramon need to enroll themselves in therapy.

I'm not convinced Miguel has the discipline nor the exquisite moral center that Dexter has so as to engage in Dex's version of justice. Ellen Wolf gave us hints as to Prado's less than ethical practices as an ADA (among others: planted evidence, jury tampering) whilst Prado's wife said it plainly: he's one thing in public; something else in private. And what he is in private doesn't seem to be much better than what he is in public. We saw him snap at Dex because he would NOT just blindly kill off Ellen Wolf. Prado's mea culpa at the end of the ep was predictable if not totally anticipated. I half wanted Dex to just end it right then and there, but alas, more Prado Bonding Time is slated for next week.

But perhaps above anything else, I get the sense there seems to be a whole lot more simmering under the surface as it pertains to Prado, and that has me a) suspicious and b) wary of any further involvement on Dex's part in the Prado world.

And while you could make the argument that Dexter is also one thing in public and another thing in private, there is a BIG difference: Dex has his emotions under control and in check; he not does he fly off the handle or use his "condition" for personal vendettas. Prado seems to think he's got Carte Blanche to go after whomever he chooses depending on whether he's had a bad day or not. Oy Vey.

I cannot see how this is BFF routine is going to end well. And next week's preview has got Miguel sitting in on a Dex kill? As in, let me show you how to do it?

Harry must be rolling over in his grave.

Isn't this the part of the code Dexter just swore last week he wanted to keep to himself - that actual killing?

Hello? Is this on?


Now what I did love about Dex this week was his Angel of Death Mercy routine for poor ol' Camilla. I confess I was really hoping they'd take it in this direction because I just couldn't bear the thought of this good woman dying so ... well, awfully. Losing all sense of herself, her faculties, and the pain being beyond anything she could continue to bear had me literally saying, "Just put her out of her misery, Dex."

And he did.

At her request.

And whilst it technically violated Dex's own code of never hurting a friend, this one was definitely worthy of the exception. And, although Camilla has played only a minor role, she is a huge key link to Dex's past - knowing how and what Harry rescued him from, and she seems a much better definition of BFF than Miguel Prado would ever comprehend.

And did Deb just rock it this week or what?

Give that woman her shield already.

Now, she did compromise the Freebo investigation by tipping off her CI they wanted to use him as bait, BUT she backed it up with some awesome all nighter detective work and came up with a new lead on her own!

My concern is my favorite IA snitch is going to not only nail her for it, but also nail her for now being personally involved WITH the CI.


Because I really like where that is going. Adorable, actually.

But can we really think Yuki Amato is NOT going to look for a way to stick it to Deb for screwing up her IA investigation of Quinn (apparently a cop killed because he cut corners, not because they had an affair ... seriously?). Me thinks this will get juicier as we had toward the last half of episodes for the second season.

And can I just say the way they shot Jennifer Carpenter moving around the briefing room, with every folder and picture of the Freebo victims spread on the floor as she tried to piece the new lead together whilst balancing the effect of what would have been a metric ton of caffeine so as to make it seem as if she had Tourette's ... GENIUS!

The tempo of her line delivery was just.too.funny.

Get some sleep, Deb.

And I'm LOVING the Detective Batista story with the Vice cop. It's about time Angel had a good woman in his life.

New episodes of Dexter air Sunday at 9 p.m. on Showtime. Check out the official Dexter Web site for the inside scoop on the series.

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