Monday, November 24, 2008

Pin Up Murder

This was an unusual episode for me.  It was a much older case, but it wasn't tied into any sort of historical event.  This usually spells disaster because I find these "old just for the sake of being old" episodes to be incredibly boring.  I enjoy the tremendous set design and overall "back in the day" feel, but I tend not to recognize the music and the characters and story usually fail to capture me the way the more recent ones do.  BUT, this week's story about a murdered pin up girl from 1953 was a huge exception to this rule.  I was completely enthralled with the characters and the story and I really liked Rita.  She was fascinating and I loved the way the writers decided to flesh her out by making her so much more than a pretty face.  She was full of life.  In fact, Betty Sue's line to her at the end about the fact that she makes everyone smile seemed to really hit the nail on the head.  However, Betty Sue thought it was because of Rita's looks, but in reality, it was who she was on the inside.  I also loved the way the setting felt like an old movie.  It was glamorous (photo shoots, that Casablanca-style bar where Rita sang her signature song, Rita's amazing apartment, etc.) and still managed to have its seedy parts (the "Red Curtain," the stalker fan, jealousy, and of course, Rita's lifeless body after being shot to death by her best friend).  Plus, I liked the way the pin up angle allowed for a lot of Vera humor.  I think my favorite funny part was when Kat said that they had found Beanie and she opens the door to reveal Vera sitting in the interrogation room still thumbing through those old pin up magazines.  I love Vera!

This may prove to be very unpopular sediment, but I like Frankie.  Of course, I loved her as Alex on Lost and was so pi$$ed when they killed her off last season.  Rousseau spent most of her daughter's life trying to find her and they go and kill her off?  WTH??  But, I digress.  Besides, it all worked out because now she's making googly eyes with Scotty and I'm eating it up.  Despite the age difference, they're really cute together and I'm totally invested in this "will they, won't they" tit-for-tat they're now engaged in.  And how great was it that Scotty's "reservations" were at the batting cages?!  For those who have been with the show from the beginning, you might remember that he met his first love Elissa playing stick ball in the neighborhood as a kid.  

Other things that I really liked this week: the way the shot went from Rita's murdered body at the end to the camera taking her murderer's mug shots, getting to see Edna from Everwood again, hearing that beautiful underscore from season 2's "Best Friends" as Rita was taking pictures on the street in Philly, Monty finally developing Rita's work as a photographer, and the simple fact that I didn't need to look at the press release even once to remember a character's name because it proves how big of an impact they all had on me this week.  Kudos to the CC staff for crafting a great story filled with intriguing, gripping, and memorable characters.  You probably guessed it, but CC easily moves to 9-0 on the season.

Screencaps courtesy RichE at Look Again

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