Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cromartie Termed on 'Chronicles'

'Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles' Returns for Season 2By LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

I was warned last night's episode of Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles was going to be a humdinger.

By none other than Cromartie himself

Yes, you read that right.

I had the good fortune to chat one-on-one with Garret Dillahunt (who is now alongside Jon Tenney as a tried and true PTR Fave) early Monday morning, before "Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today" blew on to our screens. He told me this ep was going to be a big 'un.


His favorite.

And he wasn't kidding.

You'll be able to read my full exclusive interview with Garret later this week, but suffice it to say I get why he counts this as his fave, and why he had such fun filming it.


In serious grand fashion.

Or was he?

Whilst this is supposedly the big "death" of one of the "main characters" that series creator Josh Friedman threw out and shocked everyone with at this past summer's Comic Con, me thinks we have not seen the last of Cromartie.

He's survived before.

Remember first season's bank vault sequence, with the skull of the metal endoskeleton blasting forward alongside our team? Then, once here, all the "other" pieces of the T-888 clicked into (no pun intended) search/find/auto-assemble mode and rebuilt itself from head to toe?

Um, yeah ... that's why I don't think we're done with the Cro-man.

Especially with Shirley still out there.

I know the chip was smashed and all, but does anyone think she won't be able to find and/or reassemble him?

Uh, no.

But aside from the Cromartie show down (which rivals any OK Corral shootout sequence recreation of late), what wasn't in last night's ep?

It had everything.

And by everything, I mean all of the best elements that make this show so good to watch - action, suspense, emotional intensity, unpredictability, and the always good "WTF do we do now?" moments.

Not to mention the way it was told was new. Each character got their own snippet, advancing along the same plot line until the end, which ultimately brought them all together.

And I do mean all.

John. Sarah. Ellison. Riley. Derek. Cameron. Cromartie.

And this ultimate end was entirely John's fault. A mess. Sneaking out for an escapade with Riley to Mexico, where everyone was already all up in the Connor's business 10 years ago and/or still REMEMBERS them ... um, yeah ... probably not such a good idea eh, John?

So much for the Mexicanos having short term memory loss.

Oh, and aside from the hot pursuit shootout finale, did we mention John's true identity got run through flippin' Interpol (thanks to that untimely bar fight), which means he's back on the grid?

Someone call Lilly Rush because Ellison's ultimate can't get over it cold case just got hot.

And yet, I'm curious where Ellison goes from here, particularly since he found his way into this mess thanks to a friendly alert from a former FBI - a direct result of John's Interpol adventure. I admit I like Ellison being on the team. After all, he's now definitely a believer, and I think he could be pretty useful. But how this is going to fly with the Shirleymeister? Wouldn't she just love to come face to face with the Connors, eh?


Thanks Garret. You were right: this was one awesome episode.

And can I just say you can love a machine.

Cam and John ... awww!

And since Garret is now a PTR Fave, we have to see Cromartie again.

Have. To.

New episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles air Mondays at 8 p.m. on FOX. You can also watch full episodes online. Visit the Official Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Web site to catch up (or re-watch!)

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John said...

This was certainly one of the best episodes of the season.

I worry about the show's shift to Fridays.

We need more T:TSCC.