Monday, November 03, 2008

'Dexter's' Voice of Reason

'Dexter' is back for Season 3By LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

Thank you, Harry.

Father knows best.

And Dex needs to get over his hate - you - you - lied - to - me - I'm - doing - my - own - code - from - now - on thing and start listening to you once again.

Even if it is only in his own mind.

Or else ... well, I don't know.

What I do know is that finally, thankfully, wonderously, Harry was the voice of reason this week on Dexter - something he hasn't been since ... oh, let's see ... some time last year. As we know, Dex has daddy issues this season, and they aren't just of the Will I Be A Good Father to Rita's Kid variety.

He continues to be all irked with what we'll call Harry's imperfections. As in, Harry lied. He cheated. He was repulsed by Dex.

Yeah, okay. Nobody's perfect. Especially parents.

Of a serial killer.

Need we remind Dexter Morgan that Harry DID raise Dex to survive in the world. He DID make it seem as if this serial killer kid was going to do something more than end up on Death Row. He DID save Dexter from his brother's twisted fate.

Soooo, on balance, Harry isn't all that bad compared to a whole lotta parents. And he's the only one (besides me, I guess) who thinks this Miguel Prado thing has got to go.

Do we not remember the old The X-Files adage Trust No One ...? (perhaps Dex needs to rent the series on DVD and catch up)

Or we could Dexter-ize it to say Trust No One (Especially If You're A Serial Killer).

N-ee-ways, don't get me started on this week's Tag Team, who-can-we-go-after-next routine between Prado and Dexter. However, I will give Dexter credit for picking some sort of Holy Grail of perps to test Prado's resolve.

To which he jumps in with both feet.

Of course.

But what really got my attention this week is the suggestion by one of Prado's foes that Prado is ... how should we say ... ethically challenged on how he goes about his ADA business. As in, potentially could be brought up on some charges.

To which LaGuerta balks.

Of course.

After all, this is the woman who defended Doakes, right?

But I am way curious as what is up with Prado's ethics, 'cause he seems to be ready, willing and overly able to bend a whole lotta rules way too easily - not to mention take part in a different sort of vigilante justice than bro' Ramon. That said, my issue remains the drawn out process by which we are getting to this point (and the overkill BFF routine between Dex and Prado that has preceded it).

That aside, I have to say the show redeemed itself a bit this week with this subtle planting of an issue with Prado. Is it bad that I now kinda want Dex to end up offing Prado should Prado lose the plot?

On the non-BFF front this week, Deb totally scores one for the team by bringing in the other Prado bro' on kidnapping, false imprisonment and torture charges seeing as Ramon will stop at nothing to find Freebo's killer.

And apparently, my favorite IA deckhand Yuki Amado is out to get good-guy-bad-guy-back-to-good-guy Joey Quinn on a personal vendetta. Now, I'm not sure I believe this, but okay. Strangely, I've come to like how he works with Deb. He's actually shown her a few good pointers. But he's set her up, too. Dunno. Verdict is still out on this guy.

Go team.

New episodes of Dexter air Sunday at 9 p.m. on Showtime. Check out the official Dexter Web site for the inside scoop on the series.


adele said...

Dexter had me from the commercials before the show even aired.Probably one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES! Michael C. Hall is brilliant. The cast is a perfect fit for this show. I never miss an episode and find myself disappointed when it's over because I have to wait a whole week for the next one. if anione too fond of it lik me dan catch it Download Dexter Freehere...

suekola44 said...

Prado is starting to look like someone who is extremely frustrated by the system within which he operates. Therefore, Dexter is a saving grace for him. Dex is the answer to all the bad guys Prado couldn't convict or give the death penalty to. It's looking like a symbiotic relationship. I'm really enjoying watching this play out.