Friday, November 07, 2008

Crushed 'Bones'

This week, we had the long-awaited return of Bones and it came with a few surprises. Here's the breakdown of the show's post-MLB/post-election return.

Just the simple fact that both Booth and Bones were back on my TV screen was really enough to keep me happy. I missed my Booth and Bones during the ridiculously long hiatus. Additionally, I liked Bones's mistaking "da bomb" for, well, an actual bomb and really enjoyed the scenes between Sweets and Angela (who, apparently, subbed for Booth and Bones this week, but she filled in so nicely that I didn't even mind the absence of the Sweets/ Booth/ Bones funnies). And then there was Angela's really touching inner struggle after running into her former college love. I don't think that we've seen the last of this story line, and I'm interested to see what happens next between her and Roxy.

The return of annoying Zach replacement Daisy Wick! Cam isn't the only one about to explode in her presence. Luckily, Sweets fired her, but it wasn't all bad news as we learned that the two are seeing each other and can now do so in the open since she's no longer working at the Jeffersonian. This led to a discussion between Booth and Bones about how wrong for each other Sweets and Daisy are because she's a woman of science and he's man of psychology and so on. Of course, we all know who they were really talking about (wink, wink). On second thought, this might actually be a "Good."

That entire crushed car/crushed artist demo in the Angelator. Plus, the actual crushed body and the beetles eating the flesh off of said body. As usual, just yuck!

If you missed last night's episode ("The Skull in the Sculpture"), check it out for free at

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LillyKat said...

I SO missed Bones, too! I think I was in withdrawal. LOL!

Nichole Hiltz was quite different as Angela's former gal pal than in what we've seen of her over on In Plain Sight as Mary's sis. I have to say I liked this little sub-story. I kind of like seeing Angela flustered, trying to sort stuff out.

I'm wondering, though, with ABC suddenly (or not?) getting ridiculously cold feet (though denying it all the way) and firing Brooke Smith (Dr. Hahn) over on Grey's Anatomy just as her her lesbian relationship with Dr. Torres started to take a heated turn ... well, I wonder if Fox will balk, too, should they pursue this story with Angela and Roxy beyond this week.


I've never heard a network (or executive producer) sound so lame in trying to "defend" the abrupt end of a storyline. Shame on GA and ABC. The whole "We never liked Dr. Hahn in the first place" thing is Nixon-esque in believablity.

Let's hope Fox has more sense.

Good ep!