Friday, November 14, 2008

Landry Tries to Move On

Poor Landry. He finally meets a girl who can help him get over Tyra. She's everything he has been looking for -- smart, funny, musically-inclined, pretty, and she seems to get him. There's just one problem, he isn't her type. But, Landry makes the most of it and decides to push past the awkwardness and be friends. I'm pretty sure that Landry could use a good friend right about now. His best friend is a little preoccupied with playing second fiddle to the new, shiny freshman QB and his latest development on the Julie front to really get what's going on with Landry. Speaking of that little development with Julie -- wow! I did not see that coming. Coach Taylor is not going to take kindly to his former QB 1 sleeping with his oldest daughter, so for Matt's sake, I hope he doesn't find out. Of course, this is FNL, so it's pretty much a guarantee that there's going to be consequences. I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't happy to see these two together again. I never understood Julie's abrupt change of heart about their prior relationship and I've been waiting for her to realize that she threw away something that might not come along again. Then again, I'm glad Matt made her prove herself before he jumped back into a relationship with her.

Ever since Jason Street made a return this season, I have been worried about his future on the show. He has been listed as a "guest star," so I wasn't holding out much hope that the character would be sticking around. Judging from this week's outing, he's not long for the show. I'm bummed, but I think that the character has run his course. He's more than likely moving East to pursue a career as a sports agent and that will bring him closer to his son and the woman that he loves, so I can't really ask for anything more. It was bittersweet to see that scene between him and Lyla as she figured out that he's leaving. Every time I see these two together, I mourn the life that Jason was supposed to have. He was supposed to be heading to college and then the NFL and he was supposed to be doing it all with Lyla by his side. Unfortunately, life doesn't always follow the "supposed to" track and watching these two talking by the pool was an all-too painful reminder. I don't know, maybe I'm a hopeless optimist, but I always thought that these two would find their way back to each other. That possibility is looking less and less likely.

Elsewhere, Coach Taylor and Tami were once again butting heads at work. This time, it was over a star fullback who had neglected to tell his disapproving parents that he was on the football team, and in doing so, forged their signature on the permission slip. Tami, who doesn't realize this, lets it slip during a parent/principal meeting which leads to the player having to quit the team. Whoops! Enter the Eric/Tami conflict. Not that I didn't see conflict coming the moment I heard that she was the new principal. She made it right, though, during a visit to the student's home ahead of the big game, proving once again that outside the confines of the school walls, these two always manage to make it work. And that's just one of the charms of this seriously underrated show.

Friday Night Lights is airing new, commercial-free episodes Wednesday nights on DirecTV's 101. The third season will be seen in its entirety early next year on NBC.


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