Tuesday, November 18, 2008

'Chuck' Joins the PTR Line-Up

For those who are paying attention, you've probably noticed that I haven't been writing about Heroes. I needed time to access PTR's stance on the show and then how to proceed. There's that old saying: "If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all." I'm going to heed that advice and take a hiatus from writing about Heroes. I'll still watch (for now) and I'm super psyched to see Kristen Bell back and in a more prominent role, so if something changes, I'll reconsider my position. In the meantime, I've decided to add Chuck to the PTR line-up because, a) it's better, b) it has awesome characters, and c) it doesn't make me want to throw something at my TV every 2 minutes. In fact, I can't remember a single moment when I've wanted to throw anything at my TV while watching Chuck. And last night's super-shocker was certainly no exception. I'm just going to admit it now -- I had absolutely no idea that Jill was a member of Fulcrum!!! My first suspicion came about 30 seconds before we found out for sure when Sarah and Casey were scanning the encoded list. Of course, this makes perfect sense because it explains how the Fulcrum agents knew where to find Chuck and Jill on their retreat. It explains why they "kidnapped"Jill and "held her hostage" until Chuck gave them the data back. It seems Jill has been using Chuck all along, and now that she knows that he's the Intersect, he's in a load of danger. Turns out, Jill's paranoid boss had plenty of reason to be and all of his puzzles were a very good idea.

One of this show's biggest appeals (other than its spy-y-ness, of course) is the undercurrent of "will they or won't they" that runs under every episode. There have been so many close moments, innuendos, and crazy situations that pit Chuck and Sarah together in incredibly close circumstances. But last night's shower scene was one of the funniest because they were both so preoccupied with getting the "hazardous powder" off that they failed to realize that they were both practically naked in a shower together. Toward the end, Chuck finally realized the reality of the moment. And I've decided that jealousy doesn't wear well on Sarah. I get her reasons for not giving into her feelings, but I fear that she might explode if she doesn't let it all out soon. And then there's Chuck who thinks that he has reclaimed the love of his life, but is headed for a collision course with heartbreak. Poor Chuck.

If you missed this week's episode ("Chuck Versus the Fat Lady), you can watch it for free at Hulu.com.


Scooter McGavin said...

I'm not entirely sure Jill knows Chuck is the Intercet or not. They never tell her that he is that I remember, just that he is a CIA agent. And even though Fulcrum had spies there, I am under the assumption that only Sarah, Casey, and Casey's boss know Chuck's the Intercect.

harry said...

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