Monday, November 06, 2006

Bang! Then Desperation...

By Turtlemama
PTR Staff Writer

Hi folks! Sorry for my week off, I had finals and well…I watched most TV at 2am three days after the episiodes originally aired, so yeah…didn’t get a chance to write about them until it was old news. But I’m back now so let’s get all caught up on our ‘Housewives’ shall we?

Last week’s episode was EXCELLENT! Lynnette busting down Nora’s door actually had me stopping dead in my tracks and exclaiming “YES!” But I knew that Nora would do something stupid, like try to move away or take the kid from Tom once and for all through the court or something. And this week my suspicions came true, sort of…

First off, Gabby and Carlos, they’re sort of boring me, so let’s get them out of the way quickly, shall we? Carlos got everything in the divorce minus the house…just the house, not the things in it, he got all of those too. So as soon as they get home Gabby begins helping him pack, as she put it, by breaking everything. To which Carlos replies with a sledge hammer and helping Gabby remodel as he put it. It was actually pretty funny when the neighborhood busy body stopped by to tell Gabby and Carlos about the situation at the store and saw the house in shambles and Carlos running by the front door with a sledge hammer. That was pretty funny!

Nora decided to move to Mexico to spite Lynnette and Lynnette brought the subject up to Tom about suing for custody of Kayla. They decided to hire an attorney and while Lynnette was in the store a few days later she runs into Nora who has found out about the custody battle and is mad as hell, as usual!

So now that we have those two sublines set up, let’s get to the meat of the episode, shall we?

We started this week’s episode by Mary Alice narrating what should have happened on that fateful day. Then we see that someone set off Carolyn by telling her about her husband and Monique. That’s when everything went downhill. Carolyn holds everyone in her husband’s supermarket hostage while she waits for him to emerge from his office so that she can shoot him. Tensions run high as everyone starts to realize who all is in the market. Bree, being Bree, has an impromptu party at her house to watch the ‘devastating’ coverage. Deviled egg?

It’s when Bree is told that Lynnette is in the store that she starts to realize what she had done by telling Carolyn that her husband had cheated with the dead woman, Monique.
Julie is caught shoplifting, but she didn’t really do it, Edie’s bad-seed nephew did it to her. And that puts Julie, Edie’s nephew and Susan in the grocery store. As Susan is walking out of the store to go to Paris with Ian, she passes Carolyn, greets her and keeps on walking, leaving Julie behind to stew in her own mess. Susan gets into the limo then tells Ian that she can’t just leave Julie after what just happened, so she puts off going to Paris with Ian and sees Ian on his way. As Susan is walking back to the store she sees people fleeing and realizes that something is wrong. A couple of women running by her exclaim “Crazy woman in the store with a gun holding people hostage!”
We go back and forth showing how everyone is dealing with the current crisis then we go back into the store where Lynnette has gotten herself held hostage with Nora. Nora and Lynnette keep ticking off Carolyn and finally after Carolyn tells Lynnette to keep her and her friend quiet, Lynnette replies “She’s not my friend.” Then it’s spilled that Nora made a move on Tom and BANG! She’s shot. Out of the blue, all of the sudden, just WAM! Blood and a gunshot to the heart. The husband and I both said at the same time “HOLY [censored word that isn’t nice]!” It actually shocked me and made me come to attention, as if I wasn’t already! Carolyn then looks at Lynnette and says “I think the response you’re looking for is ‘Thank You.’” That’s about when Lynnette has it with the crazy woman and after Carolyn tells Lynnette to thank her again Lynnette lays into Carolyn, finally saying “Well maybe you deserved to be cheated on!” Then tries to take it back to which Carolyn replies to by raising her gun. A fellow shopper grabs a can from Lynnette’s basket and throws it at Carolyn, hitting her in the head and the gunshot ends up hitting Lynnette in the arm. Edie’s nephew shows his chivalrous side and wrestles Carolyn to keep her from the gun. Then a parent of a student in Carolyn’s Sunday School class picks up the gun and takes her out. The situation has ended. Nora is dead, Lynnette has been wounded and Carolyn it is assumed, is dead also. Everyone sees their loved ones and hugs are exchanged, happy instrumentals are played and everyone on Wisteria Lane has survived yet another day.

Honestly, this is what I remember ‘Housewives’ being when I first started watching. It was an EXCELLENT episode and last week’s led up to this one perfectly! I think I can safely say that we have our ‘Housewives’ back! YAY!


suekola44 said...

I agree. We do have our Houswives back! I've really been enjoying this season.

TVFan said...

I was so shocked when Carolyn shot and killed Nora! I knew it was coming, but the way it happened was just so sudden. Plus, the entire episode had been funny up until that point. What an emotional shocker! I'll miss Nora, she brought a lot of laughs to the show. Awesome episode, though!