Wednesday, November 01, 2006

'Veronica' Gets a Little Help From Her Backup

I LOVED last night's episode of Veronica Mars! We got shocking developments on the Hearst rapist case, an interesting, personal mystery of the week, an excellent Keith subplot, Wallace, and some possible foreshadowing on the Logan/Veronica front. Last night's biggest question deals with the Hearst rapist. Why did Claire lie and say that she didn't know the guy in the ATM photo with her from the night of her rape? According to the guy's roommate, Claire is his girlfriend. Did her boyfriend rape her, and she's having second thoughts about getting him in trouble? Perhaps Claire wasn't raped at all, but she made it look like she was the latest victim of the Hearst rapist, but why? Whatever the reason, this is certainly the most intriguing development in the rapist case thus far. As the plot thickens on the rapes, so does the trouble for Wallace. No one said that mechanical engineering was an easy class or major, but taking the $200 easy road isn't the way to get around it. After all, even if Wallace had gotten away with his "study guide," his inability to comprehend the material would have come back to get him during future upper level courses. Now, he's in a load of trouble because the professor seems to be onto him. I'm guessing he changed the test.

Meanwhile, Keith managed to get himself out of his own batch of trouble. My heart broke for the dean, his wife and their 9-year old son, and I really can't blame them for what they did. How horrible was the birth father??!! Either he doesn't give a crap about his son (or his fellow human beings for that matter -- because son or no son, I would still want to help him), or he's so caught up in hating his ex that he can't look past it to help his own son. I thought we had seen the last of the dean, but luckily, Keith came up with a foolproof plan. And when it comes to Sheriff Lamb, it's very important to make sure that the plan really is foolproof. Speaking of our esteemed lawman, how funny were his scenes with Veronica and Weevil? I was laughing out loud when he arrived at "The Venetian." As usual, Veronica solved the case long before Lamb even finished his initial report. She had a personal stake in it, though. The thieves made off with her necklace that Lilly gave her. I really liked the Lilly-connect on the story, and how it affected Veronica. My favorite moment of the night came when Veronica ripped her necklace off that little bratty girl's neck. You go V!! Finally, you don't need a crystal ball or spoiler site to know that things aren't looking good for Veronica and Logan. For the record, I haven't been reading ANY spoilers for this show because I want to enjoy the ride. It looks like Logan might be reverting back to his badboy ways. There was the conversation between Veronica and Weevil about the hot girls at Hearst, Logan's shoddy excuse for showing up late at the casino, and then Weevil catching him acting flirty with a random girl. Boys will be boys (and that's OK), but all of these signs together point to a rough road for Veronica. Somebody find her Virgin Suicides CD stat!

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Scooter said...

With the Claire lie, I'm beginning to think my way out there theory that the Lilith House was behind the rapes to get the frats and the Lampoon guys kicked off campus isn't too far off.

And should I know who Ronnie and Logan were supposed to be last night?

Plus you totally forgot to mention the best part of last night, Lamb doing the robot dance, I'm still laughing at that scene.

suekola44 said...

Where the heck is Mac?!?This was the second episode without her.

TVFan said...

I can't believe I forgot the robot scene!!! I LOVED that scene. So hilarious!

I couldn't figure out who Veronica and Logan were supposed to be either.

Tina Majorino (Mac) may have been busy with other projects these last few weeks.