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We’ve Infiltrated a New Level of ‘SVU’

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By: Trublu
PTR Staff Writer

Recap provided by NBC

“The defense calls Detective Olivia Benson to the stand.”- Kressler

Any Law & Order: SVU fan who has been watching for the past few weeks knows that this cannot be a good sign. Olivia is clearly still undercover with the feds, but apparently the federal officials cannot work efficiently with state officials. This is eerily reminiscent of “Ghost” (6.16) when Elliot and Olivia committed perjury by saying (under oath) that Alex Cabot was dead. *Takes moment to mourn the “death” of Alex Cabot*

I cannot imagine how in the world Olivia managed undercover for as long as she did. The second she was knocked out (and she was knocked out pretty easily, might I add) she began mumbling Elliot’s name in her unconsciousness. She must be very lucky, or have been surrounded by some very unintelligent people. It is a good thing she did not start mumbling her badge number. But… I want to know why she was mumbling Elliot’s name…

I loved the Olivia vs. everyone else banter- classic SVU style! I feel sorry for Olivia *Collective gasp* that she can’t defend herself. And that her lawyer is like, what, 12?

”Are you, like, 12?” – Olivia Benson

“Actually, I’m 25.”- Public Defender

Whenever you are looking for suspects in a murder, automatically gravitate to the cop. Because they are the first person you should suspect. Either they did it, or they will get so emotionally involved that they will help you find who did it without asking you first if they can help. Olivia, of course, falls under the second heading.

In her undercover crime solving expedition, Olivia even calls Fin… then hangs up on Elliot. I feel bad for the two of them *Second collective gasp* because despite their troubles, they really are best friends.
Olivia does have to remember, though, that she’s still undercover! As much as she’d like to play the undercover cop, she can’t; she has to be the undercover activist, as much as it may pain her to stay out of an investigation. Her case agent goes as far as to tell her to stop acting like a sex crimes cop… but the point is, she can’t. It is literally imbedded in her blood. To Olivia, being part of the SVU is like eating or breathing; it’s not something that she can give up. Olivia is way in over her head… but I don’t blame her.

“They see me as the Sex Crimes guy.” –George Huang

“Then what are they doing with Liv?” – Casey Novak

It’s now, at 10:40, that I’m beginning to wonder if we’re going to see Dani at all in this episode. This six episode stint is turning out to be four and some change. Obviously next week’s preview contains Dani, but how will it work with both Olivia and Dani?

So the fed and the town cop out Benson. That’s cruel and unusual, especially after the police department gave Olivia so much trouble. And on top of that, the feds sent her to the wrong location. She infiltrated a group of activists, while the real terrorist almost blew up another target. I don’t know about the Feds, but when Olivia is on to something, she’s really on to something. I’d want her working my case.

I absolutely love, Love, LOVE the changing scenes as Olivia tries to extract what happened from Brittany. The cinematography this season has been exceptional so far. I hope the writers keep it up! And in that same scene, we can really get a feel through the changing weather and appearances of the characters at just how dedicated Olivia is to the victims. Contrary to the Fed’s belief, Olivia connects to the victims on a level few others can achieve.

So many *Squee* worthy moments between Casey and Olivia! Even though they only came face to face at the very end, the entire episode was littered with connections between the two. At the very beginning of the episode, Casey is calling Olivia “Liv”, something I’m sure she’s done before, but has gone very unnoticed until now (especially the urgency with which she says the name because she can’t find Olivia). At the very end when they are at last reunited, Olivia begins with:

”Boy have I got some stories for you!” – Olivia Benson

To which Casey replies:

“And I’d love to hear them.” – Casey Novak

This kind of smooth back and forth banter implies that Casey and Olivia have gotten to be very close friends, which is good for the only two women on the squad. And oye, with a powersuit as well! Olivia in a skirt, not something we see often!

Some extra-funny quotes:

“You say tomato, I say motive for revenge.” – Kressler

“Feds don’t eat donuts.” – Federal case agent

“Word in the conspiracy mill is that she’s off having my love child.” – John Munch

Overall: I’m loving the eighth season so far. Even though this episode was a Benson fest (no Dani whatsoever, a bit disappointing) I absolutely loved it. It highlighted the emotions behind Olivia Benson and why she is a sex crimes detective and not an undercover cop (behind the obvious reason of being a child of rape). One has to wonder if this shows the real amount of cooperation between state and federal authorities. If it does… there is some real work to be done. Also addressed in the threads of this episode is the difference eco-terrorists and activists. Olivia made it clear that she had infiltrated an activist group, not an eco-terrorism group. It’s very curious that the Fed thought them to be one in the same.

Next Week: Did your jaw drop? Mine did! Through all the rumors about a potential love triangle, I never thought it would actually come to pass. In the apparently misplaced last Dani Beck episode, we’re in for one heck of a ride! Elliot and Dani are working together. The question is, where is Olivia?! And does she get to witness the absolutely smoldering kiss between Dani and Elliot? I’m definitely staying tuned… Pass the remote!

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TVFan said...

This episode was the strongest of the season thus far for me, and that's saying a lot! Like Cold Case, this show seems to be enjoying a resurgence this season. I really couldn't be happier with it. I'm curious to see how this Dani/Stabler kiss plays out next week.

Excellent points about the show clearly drawing a line between activists and terrorists (I think, like the feds in this episode, a lot of people think that they're one in the same) and the fed/local cooporation (or lack thereof).