Wednesday, November 29, 2006

'Mars' Mystery Conclusion is Outta this World

As with past seasons of Veronica Mars, the final episodes of this mystery were awesome! Last night's 1st mystery finale was a stand out outing. The change in format from 1 overarching season-long mystery to three shorter ones didn't cause Veronica to skip a beat. The only misstep with the new formula was the quick conclusion, but I think it worked better than last season, which seemed to lose its focus halfway through. It wasn't that last night's conclusion to the Hearst rapist story was implausible, but rather, it felt like it didn't have the time to fully develop (but that might be because I'm used to the longer format). Veronica cracked this case because she was able to figure out the next victim, and then beat the rapist to his victim's room. While she lay in wait, taser firmly planted in hand, she listened as Mercer explained why he raped all of those women. Blame a lethal mix of hormones and severe impatience and you get the sicko that is Mercer. The episode's biggest shocker, though, was learning that Mercer didn't act alone. He had help from Wallace's RA, who had keys to the raped girls' rooms. In true Veronica fashion, the final half of the episode was nail-bitingly intense as Veronica fought for her life. Luckily, she got a little help from her friends. In an empowering moment, Parker heard Veronica's rape whistle and caused enough of a ruckus that both Mercer and the RA took off. Parker entered the room and found a drugged Veronica unconscious on the floor.

The other big story of the night centered around Veronica and Logan's relationship. Last week, we watched (along with Logan) as Veronica ignored Logan's phone call. Logan, fearing the writing on the wall, struck first and broke up with Veronica before either of them had a chance to endure more hurt. I've said all along that I'd like these two to ultimately end up together, but the time is not now. I used to blame Logan, but I'm blaming this one on Veronica. She was so concerned that Logan was trying to hold her back from being herself that she turned cold toward him. I'm not one to allow another to smother my flame either, but I think in the Hearst rapist case, Logan was only trying to protect her. It looks like Logan's "epic relationship" with Veronica just got a little more epic. And speaking of Logan, didn't he alibi Mercer with that trip to Mexico? Was the rape that occurred during that trip a result of one of Lilith House's fake rapes? That was the only confusing point from last night's conclusion. It looks like we have an awesome new mystery to kick off the New Year -- who killed Dean O'Dell?? Veronica fans, start your theorizing!

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As some of you have probably heard by now, The CW ordered 7 more episodes of Veronica Mars, which brings the season total to 20 instead of the usual 22. The biggest problem with this (other than the fact that we're getting short changed 2 episodes and it doesn't bode well for another season), it leaves only 4 episodes for the final mystery of the season. Total bummer, no matter how grateful I am just to have the show around this season. Those creative folks over at Look to the Skies have a new VM project going on. They're sending holiday cards to CW President Dawn Ostroff filled with holiday cheer. And you can send one too. You never know, the extra support for VM can't hurt. Send your cards to:

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, they whole rape while in Mexico seemed unresolved but I chalked it up to either, 1) the Lilith House with another fake rape, or 2) Moe fulfilling his hair fetish while his supplier was out of town.

And since you asked, my current working theory on who killed the Dean is the dude from The Nanny who just so will happen to become the new dean of the college.