Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Scrubies are Back! The Scrubies are Back!

All is right in the world again because SCRUBS IS BACK!!! And so are the Scrubies! You may all jump for joy. Now that you've had the chance to express your excitement, let's take a look at all of the hilarious things from tonight's 6th season premiere. First of all, I should disclose that I was so excited to have my favorite comedy back, that they could have had the actors walking around spouting funny lines without any sort of story and I would have been happy. Luckily for the rest of you, this wasn't the case because we got the return of JD's half acre (including his magnificent porch) and all of the gay men that go along with it, an impromptu Vegas trip complete with The Blue Man Group, a running pop rocks (and soda) gag, Janitor's "New Ways to Annoy that Guy," Dr. Cox swearing off anger, Elliot's extreme baby rage, and a hilarious set of scenes involving Turk's new ringtone (*NSYNC's "Bye, Bye, Bye" -- and don't even try to tell me that you weren't rockin' out along with the gang from Sacred Heart). In other words, Scrubs is back in its usual fine form. And now, a look at tonight's best, funniest and all around awesome lines in this season's inaugural edition of the Scrubies.

The Scrubies
"Come on, you've gotta focus on the positives. For instance, the medical miracle that is one woman actually impregnating another woman. Shedaisy!" Dr. Cox to JD regarding the news that JD's girlfriend is pregnant

"Quick question, what does this outfit tell you?" Dr. Cox to his page-happy interns
"You are entering a Joe Piscopo look-alike contest?" Dr. Kelso

"Hardly seems like much of a punishment for the kid from Kenya. I mean, for God's sakes he can run all day." Dr. Cox to Carla regarding the laps he made his interns run for paging him

"What new kind of crazy is this?" Dr. Cox regarding Elliot's decision to treat her interns like babies

"Is this going to be like the time you quit drinking? Because that was the longest 20 minutes of my life!" Jordan to Dr. Cox regarding his decision to quit being so angry all the time

"Let's cut to the chase Freak Show. If you're a 44 year old man wearing a jumpsuit and you are not climbing into the cockpit of a rocket ship, chances are you made a lot of wrong turns along the way. Good talk." Dr. Kelso to Janitor.

That's this week's edition of the Scrubies. If you have a line that you would like to nominate for a Scrubie, drop me a comment and I'll publish it in a future edition. As always, if you would like to discuss last night's Scrubs episode, leave me a comment with your thoughts.

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Liz said...

YAY Scrubs! My favorite line was, "I punched a whale. Right in the face." But there were definitely a zillion to choose from!

TVFan said...

That was a great one too. I'll publish it in next week's edition. Thanks for the submission!