Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Hearst Rapist Targets 'Veronica'

I'm quite sure that nobody does heart-pounding moments like Veronica Mars. The final 5 minutes of last night's episode were so intense, moving, frightening and they had me fearing for Veronica. I figured that they wouldn't make her the next victim of the Hearst rapist, but just the fact that she came this close makes it upsetting enough. And how wonderful was Logan??!! Not only did he save her from being the next victim, but he also stayed with her (along with Keith) while she recovered from being drugged. The episode's closing lines from Veronica's narration seemed to sum everything up nicely. It isn't about how much someone loves you, but how much they continue to, even when you aren't loving them like you should. Logan really redeemed himself from that Tijuana incident with these closing scenes. Speaking of his secret, I'm just happy that he didn't do anything to hurt Veronica. I'm not surprised that he ran after Mercer accidentally set the motel on fire. Logan has never been mature enough to stand up and own up to his mistakes. He has never had to because his last name and tremendous wealth tend to get him out of things. Of course, Mercer is the guilty party, but Logan didn't do the right thing either. I don't know what the future holds for Logan and Veronica, but this latest test will either bring them closer together or break them apart. The real question is, did the Hearst rapist (or someone trying to scare her) target Veronica because of her involvement with the case or was she just a random victim?

Elsewhere things fizzled between Keith and Harmony after Veronica expressed her disappointment in her father. I can't blame Veronica, and I'm just happy that Keith realized what he was doing to her. Effectively, he chose Veronica over Harmony and in doing so, got back on track for that Father of the Year Award he so deserves. Meanwhile, Veronica (who was a little jaded from her recent experiences with her father and her boyfriend) took on a case looking for a missing boyfriend. She jumped to all sorts of conclusions, but learned in the end, that this boyfriend had done nothing wrong (other than drink a little too much at River Stix). I loved the continuity at River Stix with the Fitzpatricks scaring Veronica again. Good thing Vinnie was there to chase them off. This season is beginning to heat up fast, and I can't wait to see where it takes us. If we have anything in store like last night's final 5 minutes, then we better hold on tight because it's going to be a wild ride!

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Scooter said...

I'm starting to wonder how many previews in a row they can tease a Ronnie/Logan break up. By my count they are up to three.

TVFan said...

I know. It's getting a little tiresome.