Sunday, November 05, 2006

Rush Uncovers the Key to Solving this 'Case'

This one started off a little shaky for me. I felt that the Jeffries flashback with the daughter was too contrived, the jacket too convenient and the set up, well, felt a little set up. But, things vastly improved as the hour went on and all was right again in the world of Cold Case. As much as I love Lilly and feel that every episode should focus on her, I do enjoy it when the show casts its spotlight on some of the other characters. So, it was nice to see a case from Jeffries' perspective (even if the opening was a little contrived). Tonight was my introduction to these infamous "Key Parties" of the swingin' 70s. The historical reference (it seems wrong to call it that) made for a very interesting story. I found myself very involved in Libby's plight, and my heart completely broke for her daughter. When we learned that she and her mother had been going through a rough spot right before her murder, it brought the entire episode full circle. I now understood why she kept calling Jeffries to find out if there was anything new on her mother's case. The guilt and anguish that she felt must have been unbearable. For some reason, I pegged the neighbor's son as the doer as soon as he first appeared on my screen. He just seemed angry. I dismissed it, though, as we began to learn that he had developed a friendship with Libby through their driving lessons. Still, the story made it believable that he would snap when he discovered that Libby wasn't into him the way that he was into her. Besides, with parents like his, I wouldn't put anything past him. What a horrible upbringing! Then again, Lilly's wasn't all sugar and spice either and she didn't kill anyone, so my sympathy extends only so far. Speaking of Lilly, I just loved her interrogation with Mr. Swinger himself. She feeds off of men like him and knows how to use them to her advantage without playing the sex kitten. Love that about her!

Meanwhile, things are beginning to look better for Scotty and Mike. Their fight in Mike's front yard was pretty brutal. Mike was willing to use whatever force necessary (including clocking his brother) in order to keep what happened to him suppressed. Not that I blame him, but helping put the guy away who did this is the first step to fully moving on. I was surprised to learn that Scotty had seen what happened. No wonder he was so determined to get Mike to testify against his boxing coach. The entire story line is nice continuity from last season when we saw Scotty give the beat down to a potential child molester in the park. He was adamant that the guy leave and never come back, and now, knowing about his brother, it makes more sense as to his motivation for beating the crap out this guy when he didn't leave. Maybe both he and Mike can sleep a little more soundly now that one more child abuser is off the streets.

PTR has an extra Cold Case-related bonus this week! Star Kathryn Morris attended The Museum of Television and Radio's Annual Gala last week in Los Angeles. This year, the MT&R honored CBS President Les Moonves and mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer (who just happens to produce Morris' show). Here are some pictures from the event thanks to some members at Look Again:
Kathryn Morris attends MT&R's Annual Gala (right: with Peter Leinheiser)

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suekola44 said...

Iwas around during the 70's and last night was my introduction to the "key parties" as well. Never heard of them. Enjoyed the KM pictures.