Tuesday, November 28, 2006

'Heroes' Shows us its Sylar

Heroes went a little Lost on us last night with flashbacks to the various characters' pasts. It was fun to watch some of them in the very early onset of their abilities. But the night's biggest revelation was the insight into the mysterious Sylar. The man behind the heinous murders is the perfect non-descript comic book villain. As soon as we met him in the watch shop, I knew that he was Sylar because we had seen flashes of Sylar's watch in past episodes. We learned that he's killing the heroes to develop his own abilities because he was upset to learn that he didn't have one of his own. I loved that Claire's father (a.k.a. HRG -- Horned Rim Glasses) turned out to be good (so far). He went to New York to learn more about Sharesh's studies because he wanted to know how much Sharesh knew about Claire. He sent Eden there to get Claire's name off the list. He was trying to protect Claire all along. I love how this show manages to manipulate our feelings toward its characters. One minute I'm wondering if HRG could be any more evil and the next I'm relieved to find out that he's just being a good dad.

Last night's episode was HUGE. Not only did we learn a lot about Sylar, but we also found out where Hiro has been for the last 6 months. Turns out, he couldn't have saved Charlie because she was dying from a blood clot anyway. And then there was the revelation that Niki's other personality, Jessica, is really her dead sister! In a sad twist, the girls' father abused and murdered Jessica years ago. We also discovered how Nathan's wife landed in the wheelchair, HRG knew about Claire's power before she did, Matt's dyslexic, and Eden appears to be a hero as well. So much goodness packed into a single hour. Lost should be so revealing!

If you missed tonight's episode, you can watch it for free at nbc.com beginning tomorrow. All of the photos in this edition are courtesy of nbc.com.

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