Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Scattered 'Girls'

By Turtlemama
PTR Staff Writer

As most of you know, I am a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan, but last night’s episode left me wanting a little more…dare I say I was a bit disappointed in my Girls last night….

Last night’s episode of Gilmore Girls was a little scattered, I believe. We started out with Lorelei calling her mother then pretending that she couldn’t hear her mother on the other line while Lorelei ‘left a message’ on the machine. Granted, this was a great little trick that I’m sure will come in handy with many of us in the future, right? ;-)
The rest of the episode was just scattered and choppy. We saw Luke go on his first date since his breakup with some coach who was obviously a bit on the crazy side, yet he didn’t realize this until they were at the vegan restaurant? Luke is an astute fellow; I don’t know why he even attempted that date. But he did, after his daughter had a spastic laughing fit of flirtation while her swim coach was trying to talk to Luke…now THAT was odd.
Then we had Parents’ Weekend at Yale…which was rather unassuming and anti-climactic. Honestly my mind wasn’t on the episode because nothing was happening. We did get to see Jackson and Sookie together, I was beginning to think that Jackson was abducted by aliens and sent to live on the planet Zorura. Other than that there really wasn’t anything too interesting.
Chris talked about his regrets not being there while Rory was growing up. He mentioned Gigi and how he is watching her grow up, but maybe I was the only person who thought “HUH? He wanted to send her to Paris by herself with her nanny, and we haven’t seen her on the show since the first episode…how is he watching her grow up?”
We also saw Christopher take Rory’s staff out to lunch and get them tipsy when a major news story broke and they all had to work while drunk. With such a great storyline like that I’m a little shocked that we didn’t get to see more antics in the newsroom. It was all just regular work, work, work. Granted the end was funny when Rory got her payback by sending her parents off to dinner with her grandparents. But really, this episode was a little boring and just didn’t give us anything on any of the storylines. I hope it doesn’t remain this way. It’s becoming that since the breakup, Lorelei is only in Stars Hollow at the inn or in her own home. She’s rarely seen in town and she hasn’t gone back to Luke’s yet. I realize that going back to Luke’s will be a huge step, but really a quick run in for a to-go cup of coffee should be happening by now.
I apologize that this week's recap isn't any longer or more involved, but last night's episode wasn't either...Hopefully next week we get a bit more out of our Girls.


TVFan said...

This episode had some funny scenes (like the phone call, Lorelei discovering her parents at Parents' Weekend, and the lecture where Lorelei was texting Rory), but I agree that not much happened.

Parents' Weekend was certainly a bust, and it would have been fun to watch the drunk staff work on the newspaper. But, those scenes I mentioned saved the episode for me. In fact that opening phone call was enough to save it for me. That scene was hilarious!

suekola44 said...

I find myself missing Lane and also the interaction between Luke and Lorelei.
Their relationship, whether it be friendship or more, has always been a big part of the show.