Wednesday, November 08, 2006

'Veronica' Makes Some Shocking Discoveries

So, Claire's rape story was nothing more than a fabricated tale intended to extort money from Hearst College. Pulling this stunt cheapens and calls into question the stories of all of the other victims. Of course, we know that the other victims are legitimate, but they must feel like Claire mocked what happened to them. It's a good thing that Veronica got to the bottom of Claire's case before her claims had the police barking up the wrong tree. Speaking of the Hearst rapist, Logan's new friend is looking pretty guilty. His cologne was familiar to Parker, he owns an electric razor (that he keeps hidden in a clothes drawer), and Sheriff Lamb found GHB in the stolen money box from his campus casino. The one thing that may clear him is the same thing that may end up hurting Veronica. Logan claims that he can alibi Mercer, but he can't tell Veronica what they were doing. So, either it's something that would damage their relationship or it's something that he doesn't want to get her tangled up in because it could spell trouble for her. Either way, I can't imagine Veronica just dropping it with Logan's "You're just going to have to trust me" comment. Trouble follows Logan, and there's no way Veronica is going to be able to clear Mercer without discovering what it is this time.

Keith's car accident scared the bejeebus out of me! I jumped so high out of my chair the second that car hit him in the intersection. I want to commend Veronica Mars for not using the tired tactic of showing the car approaching and hitting Keith's car. That "shock" tool has been overused. The way they had Keith get hit was more shocking because it was done differently. The accident was merely a catalyst for good boy Keith to do something that we would have never expected him to do -- act on his feelings for a married woman. This is quite the tangled web that he and Harmony are weaving. She should have divorced her husband and moved on with her life instead of staying in a love-less relationship and hanging with Keith on the side. What will Veronica say?? Speaking of matters of the heart, Veronica has her own messes to worry about. Parker likes Piz who likes Veronica who's dating Logan. And then there was the little discovery about the dean's wife and her criminology professor courtesy of the know-it-all teaching assistant (for those who haven't noticed yet, he's played by the same actor who played the ill-fated Lucky the janitor last season). It seems that the link I spoke of between VM and Cold Case is a little stronger lately. Wallace's mechanical engineering professor (who caught him cheating last week) played a shady AA sponsor who hit on Lilly and tried to pick her up at a bar during the show's second season. He seems to be a much more upstanding member of society on VM.

PTR has a VM-related extra bonus this week. The online site Veoh has created a Veronica Mars channel. They're working with the show's producers and bringing you exclusive clips including scenes from the next upcoming episode every week. The site is also running a contest for fans of the show:

"You can create your own VM video, upload it there and have the chance to be featured on Veoh, MySpace and the VM Podcast. You even have the opportunity to win some official VM swag!"

Check out this video featuring series star Tina Majorino for more details on the contest:

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suekola44 said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for that tip on Lucky! It's been driving me crazy why he looked familiar. Plus I think he looks like he is wearing a wig. I loved the Keith and Harmony scene at the end of the show!!