Friday, November 03, 2006

A Sign from 'Earl!' Plus Another 'CSI' Headache for Gil

When looking to cast the owner of a trailer park on a satirical "white trash" sitcom, who better to play the part than the "white trash" icon of the 80s and 90s?! How fabulous was Roseanne on last night's My Name is Earl?! Her character was such a miserable "b-word" (as Earl would say), and I almost died when she turned up at that convent as nice as pie. She was a completely different person because "the Lord" (via Earl) spoke to her and changed her life. Too bad Earl changed it back when he told her the truth. She went straight back to being her old miserable self. She ripped up Joy's canceled restraining order, lost her strong faith, and even evicted Mr. Turtle ("From his shell??!!" - Best line of the night!!). Poor Darnell was so broken up about Mr. Turtle. Speaking of Mr. Turtle, the second best line of the night involved him as well. After Randy was shot with a slingshot, he told Mr. Turtle to get help. Mr. Turtle took off in his usual slow paced manner (after all, he is a turtle), so Randy responded with, "Faster!" The lesson here -- never send a turtle for help. Everything came full circle when Millie decided that Earl was her angel, and he was there to get her life back on track. Everyone was happy, Earl was able to cross another one off his list, and most important, Mr. Turtle got to keep his home (and his shell).

'CSI' Becomes a Real Headache for Gil
Last night's episode of CSI was partially designed to set up a future story line for Grissom. If you haven't heard, his portrayer (William Petersen) is taking some time off from the show next month so he can return to the stage for a few weeks (actor Liev Schreiber will fill in while Petersen is away). Petersen's absence will lead to a little time off for our favorite bug guy as the toll of the cases finally gets to him. Last night's pedophile/missing boys heartbreak was just another migraine-maker for Gil. The episode borrowed a page from Cold Case's playbook by having the CSIs' main suspect think that he was helping the team by giving his opinion on the person responsible for the boys' disappearance (CC had a serial killer case a couple of seasons ago where they did the same). In the end, he was the responsible party, and he was also partially to blame for Lucas' death. Jason's grandfather may have been the one who shoved the young boy to the ground, giving him a concussion, but our helpful pedophile didn't take him to a hospital. So, what did he do? He gave him aspirin and alcohol -- a lethal combination for a boy with a head contusion that was causing bleeding on the brain (aspirin thins the blood preventing it from clotting). Meanwhile, Gil's migraines just keep getting worse. If you missed last night's episode of CSI, click on over to CBS' INNERTUBE to watch it now for free.

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suekola44 said...

That certainly was perfect casting of Roseanne last night! Your favorite lines were mine as well.

Scooter said...

I; gonna have to disagree with your Best Line of the night, that award has to go with, "Does anyone on your list want a daughter?"

Jude said...

Re. the song toward the end of the show on "Without A Trace" that aired Nov. 5,2006 titled "All the Saints,Sinners"...what is the title of the song and who sings it?? I think it was the second to last song...sorta sad and soulful, kinda like a Lenox song. Know what i mean? Hope someone can help me, it's driving me crazy!!