Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Girls Take on Some Twisty Turns!

By Turtlemama
PTR Staff Writer

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WOW! Last night’s Gilmore Girls was full of twists and turns, wasn’t it? We started out learning that Lane is having twins, to which Zach thought that meant Siamese Twins (HA! Isn’t he cute!?). Lane and Zach also finally told Mrs. Kim that Lane was pregnant, to which Mrs. Kim said that the young couple should move in with her…To which Zach replied “cool.” All of this led Lane and Zach into a tiff over his insinuation that they would move in with Lane’s mother, an idea that Lane did not like one bit. Lane and Zach finally told her mother that they were going to stay at their own home and raise their children in their home by themselves. That’s when Mrs. Kim just went ahead and moved in with Lane and Zach, sending Brian to live with Mrs. Kim’s family! HA! That was excellent!

Now, on to the major twists and turns of this episode:
While Christopher and Lorelei were in Paris, Rory was at school losing her position as Editor to the Yale Daily News and missing Logan at the same time. Rory finally went out with her ‘wild’ new friends and had a breakdown after having the realization that everything in her life was changing (excellent story point BTW, this should keep us interested for another season, at least). I’m curious what will happen with Rory and Logan, I bet she gets scared and breaks up with him thinking that he’ll do it first.

Now, here’s where I get persnickety about my ‘Girls’…..
Am I mistaken, or did Lorelei and Christopher say that they were going to Paris to stay with Gigi the whole month or week or whatever it was? Did they just drop her off? How weird is all of that? They went for a day then came right back home? The story has a huge hole in it from the start to finish of the episode when it comes to how long they were gone. Bad writing in my book, but I digress…
My next issue is that Chris asked Lorelei to marry him, who didn’t see THAT one coming. Then Lorelei agrees they come home married (after an indeterminate time in Paris). Lorelei has never been pro-marriage; she likes to idea but has never been able to really go through with it. All of the sudden she can do it and do it on a whim like that without her daughter, the one person closest to her? Heck yeah this is going to make Rory upset, and since when did Lorelei do anything without consulting Rory first? We know that people can call Rory’s cell phone from an international location, so why didn’t Lorelei just call her? It just all seems so out there from the characters’ personalities that we’ve grown to know and love.

Next week’s episode does look very interesting and I can’t wait to see it, although the scene with Luke and Christopher looking like they were about to throw down is a bit ridiculous, I mean Lorelei and Christopher are married, end of story…Real adults don’t just hop into fist fights after getting married, it’s just not done. But maybe that’s why we love our Girls so much, they do what we only dream and imagine!

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TVFan said...

I LOVED the Lane story line. I could totally relate to Rory's breakdown. I had one myself about halfway through my senior year of college. But, my love for the episode stops there. I thought that Lorelei and Chris' scenes in Paris felt forced and completely out of sorts. They were drawn out and nothing happened. And then when something finally did, we didn't get to see it! This marriage seems way too sudden for me anyway. We'll have to see how it plays out.

Anonymous said...

OMG i cant believe lorelei she and luke are perfect for each othe and she goes and sleeps with chris ahhhhhhhh
logan i have to say is growing on me but jess coming back god i love that guy he is the best and he saved her!
i hope they make more seasons though how dare they stop at 7