Thursday, November 16, 2006

'Top Model' Gets Lost in Translation

Despite her obvious beauty, Jaeda had been holding on by a thread. She was never happy about her shorter hair, her photos were mediocre at best, and she gave up much too easily. Needless to say, she was the latest eliminated girl on America's Next Top Model last night. Actually, I'm surprised that she made it this far! I always feel bad for the girl who goes home right after they travel to the "exotic location." She's jet-lagged, adjusting to a new culture, excited about the new destination and then bam! She's on a plane back to the states! I felt especially bad for Jaeda because she had the male model from hell. He made it clear that he didn't like "black girls," and he wouldn't help her with her Spanish. Jaeda let it get in her head, and then she was unable to complete the commercial for Secret deodorant. Of course as a professional, Jaeda would have to overcome such obstacles and still turn out an excellent commercial. Elsewhere, I was shocked at how poorly CariDee performed in her commercial! I think the language threw her off, but like Jaeda, she would have to overcome it. She did rock the silent movie challenge, though!

It's time for PTR's Top Photo of the Week! Since the girls didn't have a photo shoot last night, we can't pick a photo. They did, however, have a commercial shoot, and the winner of that shoot was..... MELROSE!! Did she rock that commercial or what?? She interacted with all of the "extras" and she looked completely natural. As much as I dislike her for her conniving ways, she is a very fierce competitor and a force to be reckon with in this competition.

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