Monday, November 27, 2006

'Race' Has its Own Chariots of Fire

I know what you're thinking: So close!! Yes as in seasons past, the most annoying team finally came in last only to learn that it was a non-elimination round. But unlike all those other seasons, I'm not angry that the blondes were spared. As I've mentioned before, I'm having a hard time hating them. Sure, they're ruthless, but they run the race better than any other team. They had a hideously bad leg last night, but it was a definite exception to the rule for them. I just feel that they deserve to be in the final three. Now, this doesn't mean that I wasn't delighting in their healthy helping of karma. Yielding Bama was completely useless, as they were standing right behind them when they did it. That Yield had to be 15-20 minutes tops, so they were easily able to catch up and land in second for the leg. The blondes were rotten to do that, so I was doing the happy dance when they had to watch Bama complete the Detour before they could begin. Karma isn't just for Earl, girls! Other amusing things from last night:

-What did the blondes hope to gain by arriving in Casablanca so early?? Did they miss the part where the travel agent explained that there is only 1 flight to their destination from there?? Why would you cut it so close with your connecting flight just to get to an airport early and extend your layover? As we all saw this move proved to be even dumber than we first thought because the girls missed their connecting flight in Milan, and wound up barely making the flight from Casablanca.

-Why do Rob and Kim have all of the car trouble? Their cars always break down, get flat tires and take them to the wrong destinations (Oops, sorry. That's just the two navigationally-challenged people behind the wheel). And I'm convinced that Rob was making the whole changing the tire task seem a lot harder than it was, even with the impossible to find jack. It was a Toyota and it wasn't that old. I'm thinking all of the tire changing troubles were the result of user error.

-We got the Phil Point!! When the first teams were arriving at the Pit Stop, he stood there with his sidekick of the week, and pointed in the direction of the incoming team! Oh, how I had been missing the Phil Point. So glad it's back.

In the end, the models arrived in first (yes, again!), Bama got revenge with a second place finish, the blondes got a reprieve, and karma had the best day of its life. I can't wait to see what happens next week as the four teams race to make the final three and the blondes fight being marked for elimination. Good times!

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Turtlemama said...

I completely agree about the Bama and Beauty Queens; using the yield was stupid on their part and they deserved to be eliminated, but they were spared. I only can hope that in the next leg they are 5 minutes behind the first place team (hopefully Bama, but really...they had a headstart on the boys, they could have just picked up the weight or not, I'd be running like my--well, lower extrimity-- was on fire) and then the other teams are only 15 minutes out from the first place team, so the Beauty Queens get eliminated anyway...that would ROCK my socks right off my little piggies!