Thursday, November 02, 2006

'Lost' Loses Another One

My partner in crime is having a very busy week, so I'll be taking on last night's episode of Lost all by myself. After last week's episode, I said that it was the best of the season thus far. Well, that title is safe for now. Last night's outing was a major step backward in my opinion. I really enjoyed the Eko story, but once again, more questions were raised without providing us with any answers. Sure, we found out that Ben is the owner of the spinal tumor (anyone who saw the preview last week already knew this, though) and Eko was building the church on the island because he owed his brother a church, but this show has failed to provide any big answers this season. I was always patient with Lost in the past because it was pretty good at revealing answers over time. I dismissed those who thought that the show would never provide answers because it was completely lost in its own mythology. But after last night, I'm beginning to wonder. The black smoke returned along with Eko's brother, but both left me scratching my head. The black smoke killed Eko, but is it a force of the island or is someone controlling it somehow? How about Eko's brother? At the end, he said, "You speak to me as if I'm your brother." Was Eko just seeing things, or was the island playing tricks on him all along? Will we ever know?!

Meanwhile, the Others were trying to rope Jack into operating on Ben's life-threatening tumor. Supposedly, this is the reason why they kidnapped him, Kate and Sawyer. Of course, it doesn't explain why the Others need Kate and Sawyer. And what about Juliet? She gave Jack that videotaped message telling him to make sure that Ben doesn't make it through the procedure. We know from the season premiere that she and Ben are fighting for power. It seems that Ben is the evil mastermind of the Others, but are we sure that we can trust Juliet? What if things aren't what they seem and Jack ends up jeopardizing his life along with Kate and Sawyer's? Wow, he's in quite a mess right now. And who was the one-eyed creepy man on the TV screen at the Pearl Station hatch?? Is he with the Others, Dharma or another group that we haven't met yet? So many old questions, so many new. I'm not counting on things getting any clearer next week before this show goes on its 13-week hiatus.

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Scooter said...

I was kind of under the impression that Not-Eko's Brother was the Black Smoke taking human form. The last time they came eye to smoke, it looked like it was scaning Eko's memories so maybe that's how it knew what to look like. But when it comes down to it, I'm starting to care less and less that I'm right or not.

suekola44 said...

I'm getting more and more convinced that the Lost writers really don't have a planned out storyline, but are just making it up as they go along.