Thursday, November 30, 2006

Glib Gilmores? Atleat they're knitting!

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By Turtlemama
PTR Staff Writer
***Sorry this is late, I have three sick kids who thought that mom REALLY needed to be sick too, preferably the day her English paper was due would be great! So I have been a little under the weather and writing A LOT...but here's the update, it may be a bit more snarky than usual, but I'm sick so I apologize!***

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I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but lately Gilmore Girls has just been sort of ‘ho-hum’ when it comes to storylines. They rushed Christopher and Lorelei into marriage; which was WAY out of character for Lorelei, she’s the indecisive one after all! Then Rory gets ‘mad’ but only for a few hours and after talking to her mother she decides that she can forgive her mother and father. It was just too clean and quick. Usually fights last days, sometimes weeks, heck one lasted half a season! But now, now it’s like Rosenthal forgot his medication and his ADD is kicking in and we’re just running through storylines left and right. Even my husband said “It’s like all the writers have all these great ideas and so they throw all the ideas into one episode instead of spacing it out over time.” He has a point.
This week we got to see Rory and Marty finally talk; and he revealed his true feelings for Rory. Show of hands, who saw that coming? And that was about it for Rory this week wasn’t it? Oh, she moved back in with Paris. At least we’ll get to see Paris more, but I’d like to see Lane and Zach. I was a young newlywed when I was pregnant and let me tell you that is one interesting first year of marriage, to be sure!
Lorelei didn’t want to take Christopher into Stars Hollow. Christopher wanted to go and become ‘one’ with the town. So, she took him along with her while she picked up knitting supplies for the knit-a-thon. It was really cool to see everyone knitting, seeing as I knit myself YAY KNITTING! Ok, onto the storyline, or lack thereof, Lorelei takes Christopher into town and everyone is very forced when they make niceties towards Christopher and then the recent marriage. Ms. Patty and Babette both mention the lack of a wedding for everyone to come and witness; which leads me to believe that there is a wedding episode soon; a big lavish affair; which will probably mark the end of The Girls.
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To try and get Christopher accepted into the town, Lorelei and Sookie set up Jackson and Christopher on what they deem a ‘man date’ and they send them out to a bar. The uncomfortable silence is thick while Jackson and Christopher try to come up with conversation. Eventually, the night goes pretty well and they plan to do it again.
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And we finally got to see Richard and Emily again! Lorelei and Christopher went over there for dinner; after Lorelei left a message on their answering machine that she and Christopher had gotten married. The wedding gift that she Christopher received was EXCELLENT! “Wolfgirl” fitting, don’t you think? Bwahahaha!

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The next day at the knit-a-thon, Christopher pays the remaining $7,800 that the town needs to raise to complete their bridge project. This ends the knit-a-thon early and Lorelei is quite upset that no one in the town is finishing out the knit-a-thon for a sense of community at least; since her new husband, that the entire town doesn’t care for, just pledged the rest of the money.
Luke witnesses the birth of his niece, Doula (hee! That just cracks me up!), and then decides that Anna can’t take April from him and just move to New Mexico. So, finally, in a task that I’ve been waiting for him to do for a few months now, he visits Anna and tells her to stay where she is or he’ll take her to court to get April. I did a little cheer when he told her this because seriously, she’s just been using him as an insto-babysitter when she needs him. It was starting to tick me off!
We see into next week and that Christopher and Lorelei have a few fights. It’s becoming trite; Lorelei’s fighting about everything and doing everything wrong then wondering why people close to her at mad at her. I’m hoping that it picks back up and that we have those episodes where I walk away with a smile on my face and exclaim “What a great show!” So far this season those have been rare in these parts.
And, unfortunately my friends, that is all there was to this week’s Girls. I was a little disappointed and just hope that things get back on track soon. I miss the intricate storylines and how the Gilmores always went below the surface.


TVFan said...

I completely agree about the "ho-hum" episodes this season. There have been a few bright spots, but overall, the story lines just feel forced and rushed. I did enjoy the scene with Richard and Emily and the answering machine message! Loved that Lorelei left her marriage news on her parents' answering machine. The 2002 party was funny just because it was so random. But the overarching stuff is weak. Hopefully, things will improve.

Turtlemama said...

Yeah, I am not liking how forced and quick the storylines are. It's like the first five minutes set up the issue and then the last five minutes resolve it. It's like an hour long 'Full House' episode sometimes! LOL