Sunday, October 15, 2006

'Case' Makes it Hard to Choose

I've had my feet firmly placed in the "Joseph" camp ever since he and Lilly met during last season's Cold Case finale. We all know that they are completely perfect for each other, and Joseph is the type of guy that Lilly needs in her life. He's sweet, understanding and crazy about her (which, may prove to be his undoing). BUT I'm waffling now! I can't quite put my finger on what it is about Lil and Ray, but there is something there that demands that they be more than childhood friends turned adult lovers. I feel like they have this epic relationship like Logan spoke of to Veronica on Veronica Mars, or that one of these days he's going to stand in front of a Harley and proclaim that "she's it for him. She's his one" ala Everwood. Call me crazy, but I just have a feeling that Lil and Ray may be the next great TV couple along side Veronica/Logan and Amy/Ephram. I know, crazy right? They certainly have a lot of history between them. He knows all about her upbringing, and he's the only one (that we know about) to take her away from it for a little while. They almost got married, but chickened out when they got to the courthouse. I don't know, maybe Ray is the one for Lil and maybe, just maybe, she knows that deep down inside and that's why she came running the second his broken body hit the hospital bed (or at least she would have had she not ignored his calls because, honestly, I think she was feelin' a little guilty considering Mr. Perfect doesn't even know that Ray exists).

And let me just throw another iron in the Lil/Ray fire -- does anyone else suspect that those two may have lost a baby? I've heard this theory float around on the Internet for a long time, but I've never fully believed it. Even tonight, I wasn't thinking that it was possible until the very last scene. Lil seemed more sad than happy to see her victim get the justice that she deserves. She lingered at the infant's grave with a strong, somber tone. Perhaps, it was just the delicate, overly emotional essence of the case, but there was a slight vibe that this was a bit more personal than we may realize. In the show's first season finale, Lilly sat outside of her home and talked to a victim's high school boyfriend. They discussed their dreams when they were younger, and Lilly said that hers were impossible. She had the same sort of somber expression. That statement has always had me wondering about what other tragedies happened in her life. I know one thing; this show always does a nice job of keeping the character interesting and fresh. And now, they've created a situation where I'm not sure who she should be with -- Mr. Perfect or McRay. Hell, I still can't figure out why I love this storyline so much! On paper it should suck, and yet, in practice, it's lending so much more depth to the character and the show and the conflict feels so real that I can't help but champion it. Tonight's case was another strong, emotional one. Cold Case always does a nice job of shedding light on important issues, and tonight was no exception. PPD is so tragic, and watching this mother fall victim to it piece by piece was an effective way of bringing awareness. And I just have to say that this was a tour-de-force episode for Kathryn Morris. She was brilliant in so many scenes. Her interrogation with Molly at the end was not only the season's best so far, but one of the series' all-time best. This is one of those scenes that this show has been begging for since season one.

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suekola44 said...

Ray gets my vote as the "one" for Lilly. It certainly was an emotional episode!

Naj said...

I'm conflicted about whether Lilly had a baby by that closing scene. If Lilly did, she certainly didn't give it away in those final moments. We just have to stay tuned and find out. I, too, am now gravitating towards Ray. He didn't grab me at all last year. Of course, the writers were smart, they didn't reveal too much. And now that they have, I think I'm hooked on him. Jospeh was the one that I felt would help Lilly with her least be a positive source. Maybe not such a great idea to go that route. Anyway we already see that Lilly doesn't love Jospeh. I don't think Lilly falls in love quite that easily.

The case was great. A good throw back to season one style. I've been hungering for one. So far Season 4 is knocking out good cases and interesting storylines for Lilly and is the best yet to come? I hope so.

TVFan said...

I know. I'm trying not to get too excited about this season because it could turn in another direction at any moment. So far, it's CC's best ever in my opinion (S1 had weaker cases). I'm hoping that we get lots of S1 Lilly as we heard that we would. :-)