Tuesday, October 31, 2006

'Lights' Gets Brighter

When television critics from around the country gathered for the Summer Press Tour this past July, they reviewed trailers for most of the new fall shows. Once the trailer for Friday Night Lights wrapped, the critics (who are used to seeing all sorts of television shows over the years) gave the preview a standing ovation. This is how I feel after every single episode of this show. I want to jump up and clap as hard as I can. In all of my years of watching television, I've never seen a show where I felt the same. Sure, plenty of excellent shows have standing ovation-inducing episodes (such as Everwood's series finale, a number of Veronica Mars' episodes and Cold Case's season premiere), but none has moved me to feel that way each and every week. Friday Night Lights shines because it focuses on the people of Dillon, Texas and their daily trials. Tonight's episode (an encore of last night's special night and time) is a classic example of why this show is so good, and it's the perfect time to jump in. With the team coming off a loss and a coach's job on the line, the entire season hinges on a single gutsy play that will stop your heart and have you on the edge of your seat. If football isn't your thing, then tune in to watch a young man struggle with the realization that he will never walk again or a young girl who is angry at herself for carrying on a relationship with her boyfriend's best friend or tune in just to see the shocking revelation in the last five minutes. Whatever your reason, this is TV that is too good to miss.

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adafairy said...

I agree with you. I also love this show - even if I don't like football. I really hope it's going to stay on the air. I want to know what will happen to all the characters.
One thing I appreciate is the fact that Jason's roommate seems to be a real paraplegic, and not an actor playing one , it's a change for once. I hope we'll get to see Jason playing some wheel-chair football (or was it rugby?)

Colin said...

I tried watching it last night on Global TV in Canada, but they changed it at the last minute to Standoff.

Nice rescheduling. And I can't watch it again on broadband because I live in Canada