Tuesday, October 24, 2006

'Veronica' Wins Some, Loses Some

Well, that was shocking! For months now, we've been hearing that Gilmore Girls' Matt Czuchry was going to guest star on Veronica Mars as Logan's half brother. I never doubted it for a moment. It was all over TV Guide, the net and the press release. Boy, did VM pull the wool over my eyes! I love that this show can constantly surprise us when we least expect it. So, Czuchry wasn't Charlie Stone, and therefore, not Logan's half brother!! While I was watching him, I kept wondering if they were going to bring him back on occasion since he and Logan seemed to get along so well, and then it all became clear. Last week, Veronica's inability to trust people came back to bite her in the rear and this week, it spared Logan from a huge embarrassment. You win some; you lose some even in the world of teenage private detectives. Speaking of winning some and losing some, she cleared the fraternity, but pretty much pissed off every victim of the Hearst rapist, including Parker. These college rape cases get out of control very quickly. We've seen it happen on college campuses across America. When girls get raped, everyone wants to nail the person (people) responsible, so the most obvious party gets to carry all of the weight. Be it the Greek community, athletes, or someone else, the media and the school love to find the easy suspect, and whether they're truly guilty seems to get lost in the shuffle. The victims on VM want the justice that they deserve and it isn't happening soon enough. Meanwhile, more girls are falling victim and the school isn't doing enough to stop it. Blaming the seemingly guilty fraternity felt good, even if they aren't the responsible party. Poor Veronica had to bear the brunt of their understandable anger and frustration.

Elsewhere, Keith was feeling a little harmonious with new client Harmony. There was only one problem -- she's married and his extensive investigation found that her loveless marriage is also a faithful one. Her husband wasn't cheating on her, and therefore, she doesn't have the motivation that she needs to divorce him and finally move on with her life. As with Veronica, you win some and you lose some. How great was the Just Shoot Me reunion with Enrico Colantoni and Laura San Giacomo??!! I used to watch that show every week, and those two were always my favorites. Their former working relationship allowed for an instant connection between their VM characters that felt natural. It was good to have Elliot and Maya back together. Best scene of the night, though, is a tie between Dick showing up at Veronica's to ask for her help in clearing his fraternity ("We picked up the maid here once") and the Mars dinner scene. Veronica and Dick's hilarious banter had me cracking up. The dinner scene with Veronica, Logan and Keith had shades of the wonderfully hysterical Friday night dinners at the Gilmore residence on Gilmore Girls. Veronica was definitely channeling Lorelei. Loved it, loved it, loved it!! All of the screencaps in this edition are courtesy of vm-caps.com.

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adafairy said...

I loved this episode, especially the dinner scene at the beginning. It was excellent. I thought it was very touching to see Logan's face as he witnessed the wonderfully funny exchange between Veronica and her dad. He seemed to be fascinated by the love the two share.
I loved all the Keith and Harmony conversations. Poor Keith!
And our intrepid young detective! She was right in pursuing her investigation, but indeed it means that she won't be the most popular girl in school. Well, she's used to it, even if it hurts.