Friday, October 27, 2006

Weekend Primetime Pass

A look at what PTR's watching this weekend

Men in Trees (Friday 9 p.m. ABC) - "The Buddy System." Marin's efforts at coaching Patrick and Buzz on how they can build their relationship has mixed results -- now that Celia has told them that they're related. Marin and Annie need a maintenance day and go in search of a beauty salon; and while Sara prepares for her EMS exam, she struggles with what her future may hold.

Cold Case (Sunday 9 p.m. CBS) - "Static." When the 1958 suicide of DJ Jimmy "The Hawk" Hawkins is discovered to have been a murder, Lilly and the team must find the truth of this public persona's private life by decoding a message hidden in his final broadcast. (VCR/TiVo Alert: may be delayed due to football)

The Amazing Race (Sunday 8 p.m. CBS) - "I Wonder If This Is Going To Make My Fingers Pickle." Tempers flare at the airport when one team books tickets for an allied team further back in the ticket line, causing major hostility. Meanwhile, one team has a major scare when they crash their car into a bus. Another team has trouble getting their car into gear and must watch as all the other teams pass by them. (VCR/TiVo Alert: may be delayed due to football)

Desperate Housewives (Sunday 9 p.m. ABC) - "Sweetheart, I Have to Confess." Susan professes her love for Ian while Gaby and Carlo's try to rekindle their love, and Bree is confronted with Orsons past.

Without a Trace (Sunday 10 p.m. CBS) - "The Calm Before." 100th Episode!! The team searches for a family man who has been emotionally and financially haunted as a result of the horrors of living through and being displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Eriq La Salle, Lisa Gay Hamilton and Michael Beach guest star. (VCR/TiVo Alert: may be delayed due to football)

That's all for today. Be sure to tune in Monday for thoughts on this weekend's episodes of Cold Case, The Amazing Race and Desperate Housewives. Plus, all the latest television news.

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