Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rosenthal knows 'Girls'

By- Turtlemama
PTR Staff Writer
image courtesy of CWTV.comOk, who out there wasn’t giggling with glee during the cotillion scenes with Lorelei and Michel? It was HIL-A-RI-OUS!
And I’m sure I wasn’t the only one out there who had to pause the TiVo and exclaim “Thank GAWD for David Rosenthal and his decision for Lorelei to explore her contempt towards her mother!” I was really getting annoyed with Lorelei; a thirty-something who was STILL doing the whole teenage rebellion thing with her parents. Emily and Richard have tried very hard to have a relationship with Lorelei and Rory, yet Lorelei was constantly fighting them. Although, was it just me or did Emily seem a bit more annoying than normal? She was sort of rude to Lorelei, in the past she wasn’t exactly butterflies and puppy dogs, but she wasn’t downright nasty. Last night, she seemed a bit nasty at times.
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Christopher’s confession was great! I’ve always wanted Lorelei and Chris to get together. Although we all love Luke, but really, I wish that the built-up tension between Lorelei and Luke would have lasted a bit longer, but maybe they’ll bring that back with Christopher in the picture, that could be some good TV right there, folks! And the ending scene with Lorelei calling Christopher, was just classic! I am totally digging Rosenthal as the Exec Producer!
Rory’s relationship with Logan is on the rocks, but seriously, folks, who didn’t see that coming? I’m thinking that with Logan in his career and Rory still at school, he’s going to become a worldly man and she’ll be just another co-ed at Yale. My prediction is that they’ll drift apart. But then again, Logan has always surprised us, so maybe he’ll just get a job in the states and move back! A girl can dream!
I really enjoyed Lane & Zach’s scenes about the baby. Those were awesome too and I am really digging the pregnancy storyline!
All in all last night was an excellent episode and I ended my Tuesday night saying “That is such a great show!” Rosenthal has done an excellent job, yes I’ve said this before but really it bears repeating, no one thought he could keep ‘The Girls’ going like Sherman-Palladino did, but he has, and I think even better! image courtesy of
Although I want more with Sookie and her family, Sookie is so funny and her scenes are classic! Where are the scenes with Lorelei talking to Sookie in the town square and Sookie giving advice that might not be the best advice ever, but it’s covered with lots ‘o love! Actually, while writing that I just thought, the first episode this season I was asking where Lane was, the second episode we saw Lane, but Emily and Richard were still missing, third episode; Emily and Richard are back, so maybe we’ll get some Sookie scenes soon (sorry, I had to do it!).
I apologize for such a short entry this week, I had midterms this week so my mind has been in ‘programmer’ mode, I swear I’ll be back to chatty Cathy next week!


TVFan said...

I LOVED the Lorelei stuff last night! I did think that Emily was a bit more harsh than usual, but she does get more testy at times.

That scene between Chris and Lorelei had shades of Everwood's season finale. Of course, that shouldn't be a surprise considering Everwood's Rina Mimoun is now a consulting producer on GG.

Great episode!!

suekola44 said...

Last night's episode was like the Palladinos aren't even gone. It was fabulous and hilarious!!! Bring on Sookie! Love your pictures by the way.