Monday, October 16, 2006

'Housewives' has awakened!

By Turtlemama
PTR Staff Writer

Image courtesy of ABC.comLast night’s Desperate Housewives was full of intrigue, astonishment, and some eye-opening revelations…where to begin?

Mike woke up and didn’t remember the last two years of his life. So, Edie, being the good Samaritan that she is, clued him in to a few things. One thing that Edie told Mike was that Susan was a bad girlfriend….ahhh the days of Susan and Edie competing over a man! It’s going to be an interesting story, folks! Who doesn’t love two desperate, single women feuding over a man?Image courtesy of
Susan ran back from her weekend retreat with Ian, to find Mike not remembering her or the last two years and then he asked her to leave his room and not to bother coming back. Ouch! But there is that debonair, hunky Ian on the side…but I’m sure his wife will wake up in the next few weeks and Susan will be back competing with Edie, as it should be.

Bree found out that her daughter is sleeping with her History teacher, her son was a male hooker and the local doctor…well he was a client of Andrew’s. Bree told the doctor’s wife, who told Bree that she knew what her husband was doing. Well, well…there is some dirty laundry left to be aired, isn’t there?

Lynnette, being my true hero, bribed a kid on the ball field to give her son a pitch he could hit. Then, after Parker hit the kid in the head, everyone found out that Lynnette had bribed him and both he and Parker were kicked off their respective teams. While trying to get Parker back on the team for the remainder of the season, the coach says “Well, we do need new batting helmets.” To which Lynnette replied “Are you asking for a bribe!?”
“Are you acting as if you’re above it?” replies the coach.
“I’ll get my checkbook!” Lynnette says as she turns towards her car.
That was CLASSIC! I loved it! Best part of the entire episode!

Then at the end, Bree is telling Orson not to eat the pie in the kitchen that it’s for Mike.
“Mike Delfino?” Asks Orson.
“Yeah, he woke up today, isn’t that great!?” answers Bree.
To which Orson gives a menacing, puzzled, worried look and the credits rolled.

So, I ask you, what’s that all about? If you remember he was the one who ran Mike down in the middle of town while Mike was heading off to propose to Susan. So, what’s that story all about? It’s very interesting and I really want to see where Orson fits into Mike’s back story. If you remember, we don’t know much about Mike’s true story, just about his investigative background. I’m very interested in this storyline, indeed.

I really hope that Lynnette’s story gets some more air time, I’m a huge Lynnette fan and I’d like to see more with her and Tom and his lack of finding employment…I think that could be an excellent storyline!

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TVFan said...

DH was hysterical this week. I love Lynette, Gaby and Edie's storylines the best. Gaby and Carlos are just too funny. I loved the shot of the police carrying Gaby out of her house after she "assaulted a police officer." I missed Nora because she always brings great stuff, but Lynette's story was still very funny and very Lynette.

I'm getting sick of the Susan/Mike story. Either put them together or keep them apart. I'm tired of this show constantly manipulating us. In fact, I don't even care anymore whether they get together or not. I'm just over that relationship.