Tuesday, October 17, 2006

'Heroes' Stops Time and Sends Pulses Racing

I think I'm a full-fledged Heroes addict! I can't get enough of this show. It has quickly risen to "must see" status and it has become an insta-PTR favorite. I'm hooked, and it's thanks to scenes like the ones in last night's awesome hour of television. This show is as in depth and rich as Lost, but with more answers and fewer, less complicated questions. So many intense, interesting things happened last night. Let's just take it character-by-character.

Niki - We learned more about her power last night. It seems that she has a split personality, and her alter ego is strong, fearless and capable of things that Niki could never pull off. One of those things was taking down the man who threatened her son, and then finishing the job that Niki was told to do in order to pay off her debt to some well-connected Vegas folks. The most interesting part of her story last night had to do with the job they asked her to complete. She had to sleep with a visiting politician -- Nathan Petrelli. Her alter ego completed the task, so two heroes hooked up unbeknownst to both of them. Oh, and Niki has a tattoo of that weird "f" symbol on her back. While the two were sleeping, Claire's dad came in the room and instructed his minions to take "just the one." He's already holding Matt Parkman. Claire's dad = EVIL!

Claire - The indestructible teen woke up sliced open on an autopsy table after her body was found in a river. Once the coroner removed the branch that "killed" her, Claire was able to begin healing herself. After sneaking out, she wound up back at school much to the quarterback's (who tried to rape her) surprise. The best part of her story came when she decided to teach him a little lesson. She learned that he had raped another girl, so she drove him home in his car going as fast as she could. He admitted that he had been calling her a slut, so she drove his car straight into a wall. We all know that she'll be fine, but the QB's fate is still undecided. Meanwhile, Isaac painted the incident during one of his heroin-induced future-seeing sessions.

Hiro - Ando (who speaks English!) convinced him to use his power to cheat at the casinos in Las Vegas. Things were going well until the casino kicked them out. Ando wanted to try another one, but a group that they had cheated had other plans. When we left these two, they were on the wrong end of the guy's fist, with Hiro knocked out on the pavement.

Mohinder - He approached Nathan to tell him that he believed that he was in grave danger, but Nathan assumed that he was crazy. Mohinder began asking him if he had recently developed a power, and Nathan had him escorted away. With that experience fresh on his mind, he decided to pack it all up and leave. Luckily, Peter knocked on his door just in time to partially restore his faith.

Peter - It seems that Peter takes on whatever power is in his proximity. When his brother is around, he can fly. After visiting Isaac, he drew the future. And then there was the episode's most shocking moment -- Peter was able to see the effects of Hiro's ability to stop time. While riding the subway with Mohinder, everything all of sudden stopped, except Peter. He walked around the subway car and then heard someone on the roof of the car. Suddenly, Hiro appeared. He told Peter that he was from the future and he needed to tell him something very important. Then, it just ended! How awesome is this show?!

If you missed last night's episode, you can watch it from free at nbc.com. PROGRAMMING ALERT: You can catch a special Heroes marathon this Sunday, October 22nd beginning at 8 p.m. on NBC!!

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Scooter said...

So on my bookshelf I have a Calculus book which has a "weird F symbol" on it and had a "Duh!" moment when I realized the "f" is a derivative sign. I doubt the sign that is showing up on Heroes has anything to do with Calc because your normal TV watcher can't do the math, but I bet that's where they got the symbol.

suekola44 said...

Thanks for the Heroes recap. I fell asleep during most of it!

TVFan said...

I knew it looked familar! I was reading in TV Guide that it's actually an "S" symbol rather than an "F." I'll have to start calling it that now that we have confirmation from creator Tim Kring. :-)