Friday, October 06, 2006

'Earl' Gets Sensitive and 'CSI' Hears Dead People

Only My Name is Earl can manage to show us "circus freaks" and make the storyline both funny and heartwarming. I laughed along with Randy as he reacted to all of the people living in Maggie's neighborhood and I rejoiced along with Earl when they all overcame their fears and entered the workforce in the real world. One of Earl's biggest charms is the way that each item on his list makes him a better person. Last night, he didn't just make things right with Maggie, but he changed the way that he treated people who are different. He decided to get to know the person behind the "freak" exterior, and it was a message that we could all take home. The same was true for Joy last night. She was convinced that a woman would not be able to handle her legal case, and she knew that a death woman definitely couldn't. After reading a dummy's guide to the legal system, she decided that she couldn't represent herself. So, she had to go crawling back to her public defender and apologize for her insensitive comments. The best part of the episode came when she brought her lawyer a card to apologize. She told her that the store didn't have any for the hearing impaired, so she bought her one for blind people! Oh Joy, this show wouldn't be as funny without you (or Randy). You can catch some of last night's funniest scenes at Also, Jaime Pressly (Joy) is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend on NBC.

'CSI' Hears Dead People
When CSI started last night, I thought that I was going to hate the break in format. I mean, the dead rising and talking about their murders? In fact, I thought I'd hate it when I read the press release on the episode. After the first "chapter," I still wasn't liking it, but then something changed. Somewhere between the drowned cop and the "no-brainer" (yuck!), I sort of fell in love with this episode. At first, I felt that the crimes were too simple, but then it dawned on me that I tend to complain that the crimes are always too complicated on crime shows. Sometimes, murder is easy to solve, and yet, these shows always make it complicated (I know, it's for entertainment value). I love the complicated cases, but sometimes, it's nice to have the simpler ones thrown in. These easier cases were more focused on the whydunit (tm Cold Case), which is something that I love in crime shows. I'm much more fascinated to learn why someone would kill someone else than I am to know who did it. In the stabbed Marine case, it was much more shocking (and tragic) to find out that it was a random senseless act than it was to find the killer. Last week, CSI ticked me off with that WTH?? ending, but this week it managed to get back in my good graces with this stellar hour. If you missed last night's episode of CSI, you can watch it now for free on innertube.

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suekola44 said...

I'm so glad I decided to watch Earl this season. It is just hysterical! Joy really adds alot more to the show than I realized when I watched a few episodes last season.