Wednesday, October 18, 2006

'Veronica' Learns to Trust... Sort of

It's a classic story -- boy meets girl, they start dating, break up, get back together after a life-threatening tragedy, boy appears to lie, girl uses her cell phone tracker to find out. The only problem, boy finds out about cell tracker and isn't too pleased. OK, so Veronica has trust issues, but can we really blame her? She lost her best friend, her mother abandoned her, a former boyfriend tried to use her to smuggle drugs into the country and, as she said, her work with her dad allows her to constantly see how trust can be abused. Luckily, Logan seemed to realize this after his initial concern. I loved the scene in the library when he surprised her and both of them admitted how wrong they had been. Logan, with his bad boy image, is a little tough to automatically trust, but he is crazy about Veronica. Still, I see a rocky road in their future.

Meanwhile, the Hearst rapist claimed another victim last night. This time, a feminist who protested the school's perceived lack of effort to catch the person responsible. Even though the sexist publishers of a paper protected under Hearst's free speech seem to be likely suspects (they captioned the picture of the group of feminists who had a "We go to Hearst. Rape us" banner with "Maybe the Blonde"), I think they are guilty of making a tasteless joke, but not rape. I have no early suspects in the Hearst rapist case, so basically, everyone is one right now. I enjoyed the introduction of Ed Begley Jr. as the bumbling dean of Hearst. It seems that he and Veronica are well on their way to developing a back scratching relationship ala her one with Neptune High's Principal Clemmons. As soon as his car turned up damaged, I knew that Veronica would use it to get herself off the hook about revealing her source in the sorority pot story. And how great was it when Weevil got the air conditioning working in the dean's office?? Of course, I liked it better when he was working with Keith. Too bad he beat the crap out of a child abuser, and got Mars Investigations fired from the case, because he seemed to have found his calling. Plus, I just loved the Weevil/Keith scenes. They were hilarious! It's too bad that Vinnie Van Lowe has his mom working for him because he and Weevil might have been interesting together as well. I missed Wallace and Mac last night, but it was great to see Weevil instead. Veronica Mars is off to great start and on track for another awesome season! All of the screencaps in this edition are courtesy of

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suekola44 said...

I think Veronica and Logan are starting on a rocky road as well. I really liked Weevil working for Keith too. I wish they had stayed with that one.