Wednesday, October 18, 2006

'The Girls' - 'S Wonderful and Marvelous!

By Turtlemama
PTR Staff Writer
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As anyone who has read even ONE of my articles on ‘Gilmore Girls’ you know that I am probably Rosenthal’s biggest fan. So how do I love Rosenthal? Let me count the ways;
The storyline is no longer all about Luke/Lorelei & Rory/Logan, with just a sprinkling of Richard/Emily and Lane/Zach and on occasion we get to see Miss Patty and Kurt and everyone else in passing. Now we’ve got full scenes with EVERYONE! Everyone in Stars Hollow has a life, who knew!? In the past it seemed that the only time we got an update on the other characters was when Lorelei or Rory needed one of them. It just didn’t play like the earlier season of ‘Girls’. I was utterly absorbed with the scene in the diner between Luke, Kurt & Miss Patty…no Lorelei or Rory to be had anywhere! I loved it!
Hey, anyone else notice how weird it is that Ana (April’s mom) looks a LOT like Lorelei…it’s kind of creepy. Yeah, I know…you noticed that last season…sometimes I’m slow.
Rory met some new friends and while she was at the apartment with them Logan called. I noticed that Logan didn’t look too happy that she had friends over. I’m very happy that Rory is back at school, I like her Yale storylines. And the new friends should be a good addition to the mix along with Richard as a guest lecturer at the school, that should lead to some interesting scenes. In upcoming previews you see Rory and Logan together, anyone have any theories as to why he comes back? I bet he can’t stand that she’s going along with her life without him and it drives me crazy so he goes back home. What do you think?
Now, let’s get to the meat and potatoes of last night’s episode shall we?
Christopher and Lorelei have started dating. How romantic was the drive in movie!? I’ve always rooted for Christopher to end up with Lorelei. As much as I like Luke, I think Lorelei and Christopher make the better couple, plus they have Rory! And didn’t the evening end on just the right note when Lorelei got the call that Emily was in jail! HA! Who wasn’t cracking up through the whole phone call and Lorelei taking pictures with her camera phone of everything at the police station? That was EXCELLENT television right there, folks!! Emily Gilmore in JAIL! I’m still giggling.
Now, maybe it was just me but last night’s episode didn’t seem like a full hour, it felt like maybe 30 minutes. I was shocked when it was over. It just sort of stopped instead of ending. Was I the only one who noticed that? That’s my only complaint so far this season, so I say things aren’t so bad if that’s the worst of it!
And you know, if nothing else, Gilmore Girls always gives me a great old movie title to look into nabbing off of Netflix. The pop culture references in that show are amazing, I can’t imagine the research that goes into each episode. And who doesn’t feel like a sheer genius when they make a reference and you actually ‘get it’? I know that I do!
So, all in all last night’s episode was excellent, as usual and I’m digging Christopher and Lorelei and as much as I’m probably in the minority here, I’m glad that Logan is in England, it’s nice to see Rory independent and living her own life without having him attached to her 24/7. I can only anticipate this season getting even better!


TVFan said...

I am loving this season!! Like you, I want Lorelei with Chris. I just don't think that she and Luke are very compatable. Plus, after hearing him tell her that he'll wait until he's 80 if he has to, I'm completely sold on Chris.

Last night's episode did seem to fly by at a breakneck pace. I couldn't stop laughing at that Emily in jail story line. Too awesome for words!!

adafairy said...

I was more of a Luke/Lorelei fan (I prefer the chemistry between Lauren and Scott), but I have to admit that the date was very very romantic and I'm starting to switch to the other side! I definitively think it's because of the writing.

Emily in jail is an instant classic! too funny for words.

I also love the Rory Yale story lines, so I'm glad we get to see her back at school.

(Excellent review by the way)

John said...

Not to be picky, but it is Kirk, not Kurt.

suekola44 said...

Why Kelly Bishop has not at least been nominated for an emmy for her role as Emily Gilmore is beyond me!!!The Academy should be ashamed of themselves!!! Great review by the way.