Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Gilmore Girls ask "What’s the Dill, Pickle?"

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Last night’s episode of Gilmore Girls had a few ‘pickles’ in it, but it was still an excellent episode! Let’s get down to the real dill, shall we? (Yeah, I’ll stop with the pickle jokes too, maybe.)
As if you didn’t already catch on a train full of pickles derailed and sent the scent of rotting pickles wafting into Stars Hollow. That wasn’t the largest issue to plague ‘The Girls’ last night. Christopher received a letter from Sherry stating that she wanted a relationship with Gigi. Lorelei didn’t like the idea (does she really have a say in that? Uhhhh NO!) and didn’t want to tell Chris the truth. Then she realized that she had to talk to him about, which she chose to do on the way to Friday Night Dinner. I might be the only GG fan out there that thinks this but I’m sort of sick of Lorelei having an opinion on EVERYTHING and telling everyone how to act/react because of HER opinion. It’s isn’t like she just has an opinion, but she’s lost many, many relationships because of her outspoken, pushy demeanor. Hmmm she sounds like her mother, actually! Another thing about the whole Lorelei/Chris/Sherry/Gigi thing is that Chris made the comment “Gigi is really excited to see her mom again and get to know her.” Um, Gigi was TWO when Sherry left, there is no way she can remember who her mother is and then be EXCITED about going to a foreign place with her nanny to meet up with a stranger who she’s told is her mother. It just isn’t possible, even if your 4-year-old is a genius, I still doubt it could happen…and I’ve had 2 4-year-old and am working on the 2-year-old…He can’t remember where he put his sippy cup 10 minutes ago, let alone remember someone that he meets this year then talks to on the phone in 2 years. So, yeah that one made me pause the TiVo and exclaim to the husband “WHAT?! That’s not possible!” I know, I get wrapped up a bit too much sometimes.

Image courtesy of cwtv.comNow, over to Rory…Logan surprised her by getting her to the roof for a romantic dinner while he was in town for business. Now, at the end of the show you might notice the young girls talking about the show. One of them asked “Would Logan have come to visit Rory if he wasn’t there on business?” The answers, my young friends is NO! He’s busy…when you’re older and get a career and/or marry someone with a career you’ll understand. It’s not as romantic as you believe it to be when you’re a kid. You can’t just take off and go wherever you want whenever you want. You have responsibilities and have to meet those. The CEO really doesn’t care about your co-ed girlfriend in CT…he wants you to your job. Granted, Logan’s father owns the company and all that, but you still have to work on gaining the respect of your co-workers. So no, I do not believe that he would have come to see her that soon after starting his job.
The conversation with ‘the guys’ at dinner was sort of stupid and staged…what business people do you know would ask an associate to reinact her walking away from the table? That’s juvenile and silly and I don’t any self-respecting woman who would actually do it…at least a woman who wants to be taken seriously by her business associates. And for Rory to be jealous, seriously….she needs to chill out and worry about her career and her business and let Logan do whatever it is he does….if he’s around when she’s done worrying about herself, then great, if not…so be it. She did the same thing with Dean, she went to Chilton and had her life…he didn’t want to wait for her, it was ok…hard to bear for a while, but she got over it. What’s different now? Oh yeah, Logan’s family is insanely rich…that’d keep me hanging on, probably! 

All in all it was a great episode last night. I especially liked how Lorelei, Chris and Rory were driving back to Stars Hollow and they were trying to find a decent radio station then all of the sudden you could tell when they hit Stars Hollow…they all grabbed their noses and distorted their faces! It was just silly and classic ‘Gilmore’ fare and you know how I like the classic stuff!

I’m sure that I left out something important from the episode, but those are the two points that I wanted to make about last night’s episode…sorry if I left anything out! It’s getting a little long as it is, I should be quiet now… ;-)

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TVFan said...

Friday dinner was its usual funny, uncomfortable self. I love them so much! Great point about Lorelei being like her mom with the pushy opinions. I never thought about that before, but you're right.

I couldn't agree more about what you said about Logan coming to visit if he wasn't there on business. It's incredibly difficult to pull something like that off outside of business trips when you get older. There are just too many responsibilities.