Thursday, October 19, 2006

'Top Model' Shoots for the Stars

How fabulous was that Celebrity Couples shoot last night on America's Next Top Model?? I was so impressed at how close some of those girls looked to their respective celeb pairing. Plus, it had to be difficult to pull off both the female and male role in each couple. Meanwhile, Melrose seems to have the entire house against her thanks to her not-so-friendly ways. I knew that she would win the challenge because she's good at kissing arse and she thinks well on her feet. She and Janice should join up and form the sisterhood of the over-the-top models. In fairness to the other girls, Janice was her usual crazy self, so interviewing her was near impossible. Somehow, though, the simple task of moving the microphone between yourself and your interviewee seemed to be lost on so many. I always love the way the girls react when Tyra surprises them by just showing up. Her meeting with Amanda seemed to help the situation with her sister. She was obviously worried about how the world would react to Michelle's sexual confusion and possible bisexual orientation. In the end, AJ's sub par J.Lo/Marc Anthony photo and her lack of desire for the competition cost her the chance to become America's Next Top Model.

And now, it's time for PTR's Top Photo of the Week! As I mentioned above, this week each girl had to pose as both halves of a celeb couple. The winning photo goes to... CariDee (who also won last week's Top Photo award)!! She posed as both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and on top of taking an amazing photo(s), she also carried herself exactly like her popular duo. Here's her winning photo:
And just to give some perspective on how well she did, here's how CariDee really looks:

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Jessica Lynn said...

Wow.. i thought Carrie was amazing! She looked really nice with the brown hair too. I thought it was a great night..