Monday, October 09, 2006

Teams Can't Row, Row their Boats

Oh wow, that was an interesting leg of The Amazing Race! Why haven't we had a non-elimination round yet? Oh right, because Sarah and Peter haven't faced elimination yet. You just know that the one week that they're about to get eliminated will be the non-elim leg. It always seems to work that way for some reason. Being Vietnam ignorant, I was both shocked and amazed to see its gorgeous coast. Too bad the teams were so preoccupied with being frustrated to really enjoy their surroundings. Here are some amusing tidbits from last night's episode of The Amazing Race.

*Who knew that rowing a boat would prove to be so difficult? Or that it would provide for some of the best scenes to ever come out of TAR? Every single team had a meltdown in their rowboat. It was comical, but it also allowed for many complete reversals of fortune. I liked how every team thought that they knew how to row, and then quickly decided that they didn't. Frustrations were high for every team, and I can't remember another time on TAR when this was the case. Who knew a little row boat could unravel so many teams so quickly.

*How in the world did Rob/Kimberly manage to come in first after suffering from some serious taxi issues and then having the meltdown to end all meltdowns on the row boat Detour?? Nothing about this team was in sync, and yet, they still managed to score the win this leg. Rob's lead on the climbing challenge must have been a lot bigger than the editing showed.

*Speaking of that climbing challenge, is this edition of TAR trying to do in its contestants? First, there was that Great Wall climb and now this sheer rock face ascend. These challenges always provide the biggest payoffs because finishing them brings such a sense of self- accomplishment. I was once again amazed and proud to see Karlyn, Sara and Dustin complete the climbing challenge without complaining. One of the Cho brothers overworked himself so much that he wasn't sure he was going to be able to get back down. I love the way this competition shows people that they can do things that they never thought possible.

*How kidding was that audio clue at the park?? Even if the teams were able to write it all down, there's no way they knew how to spell all of the places that they needed to go. This, of course, led to taxi problems and a lot of lost teams. It was great TV to watch, but it must have been so difficult for the teams.

In the end Team T 'n T (Tom and Terry) couldn't conquer their row boat frustrations and wound up in last place and eliminated from the race. I thought it was going to be Team Beauty Queens because they were trying to row the 9 miles to Phil, but the editing was deceiving (as usual), and T 'n T's row boat troubles (which led to one of them getting out of the boat and pulling it back to their big boat called a Junk(?)) were worse than we thought. What did you think about last night's episode? Were you bummed to see T 'n T go? Leave me a comment with your thoughts.

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Turtlemama said...

Those row boat scenes were AWESOME! I couldn't believe that Rob and Kim came in first either...they'll probably win the whole thing, because they are so annoying. Why do the annoying, rude ones keep winning? We had a few decent people win, but mainly it's been the scheming, underhanded, rude folks that win.

suekola44 said...

I was very bummed to see Tom and Terry go. They were such nice guys. Last night's episode demonstrated why TAR wins the emmy every year!! It was totally awesome!!