Tuesday, October 10, 2006

'Heroes' Keeps Thrilling

Unlike other ensemble shows, Heroes has been able to keep the interest up for all of its storylines so far. I want to learn more about every character and I enjoy watching their respective stories unfold. Hiro is determined to follow that comic book (drawn by "Paints -the -Future" Isaac) to the letter, which leads to the chicken or the egg question. He saved the little girl by using the comic book and his ability to break the space/time continuum. I love the way he gets so excited about his accomplishments! He's also connected to Isaac (via the comic book and the fact that he keeps calling him) and Niki (his friend downloaded her web site to his iPod). Meanwhile, Niki is on the run and following the clues left by her alternate personality(?). Theory time -- if her husband is evil and killed the men in the desert, perhaps the man that is following around Greg Grunberg's cop is Niki's husband? Whoever he is, he's evil. If he's Sylar, then it's possible that he's using his powers (which can counteract the heroes' powers) to kill them off. But why? Does he want the nuclear explosion to happen? Or does he have an even more sinister motive? We know that Sylar found out who the heroes are through Mohinder's father, but does he have anything to do with Claire's father? He was in New York and knew about Mohinder's father. Maybe he also knows or is Sylar. So many interesting storylines going on with this show!

Speaking of Claire, how shockingly creepy was the ending last night?? After her crush tries to rape her and impales her with a piece of wood, she wakes up on an autopsy table with her insides ripped open!! Yikes! How is she going to explain this one? Maybe she walks away from the impalement, but ripped open on the autopsy table is definitely going to out her. I love the way this show keeps giving us shocking endings ala Lost. If you missed last night's excellent hour, click on over to nbc.com to watch it for free.

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suekola44 said...

I've got to start getting into this show. Right now though I'm so confused because last night was my first night watching it and I didn't give it my 100% attention.

Scooter said...

I don't think Claire will have much explaining because I think whoever gave her the autopsy already knows her abilities (maybe daddy dearest) because, now I may not know much about it or even watch shows that deal with it, but I doubt that a coriner would give a full autopsy to someone with who has a root sticking out of her head.

TVFan said...

That's an excellent point. I wouldn't think that they would either. I think you're onto something with the Daddy dearest theory.