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A Little Confrontation Isn't All So Bad

By Trublu
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Workshops on how not to open an episode are going to be held next Tuesday. Really, we don’t need to see Elliot in his underwear. I know, I know, many think Stabler has a hot bod, but still, not an image I need burned into my head for the entire episode. *Shudders*

So we have a guy, and he rapes his victims twice. If you thought about this for a few minutes, I do not doubt that you will have come to this conclusion: “How strange.” Indeed, it is very unusual for a rapist to revisit and re-rape his victims. Primary indication that tonight’s episode is going to be a doosey.

When did Elliot become a medical examiner? I was as stunned as Warner was when we arrived at the scene and Elliot was basically doing her job for her. Is he going to be a crime scene tech too?

I don’t think we’ve seen many flashbacks on the show, but when they go for it, at least they go for it. The effect was beautifully done, as was the lighting.

We could do “The More You Know” again with Dr. Huang this time, but honestly, it’s just too gross. He has to have all these urine related diseases memorized… and SVU’s gotta feature them all. Fantastic. *Retrieves monogrammed barf bag*

Some nice, long descriptions about our attacker. Long term rape… over and over again. I want to know who the idiot cop was that caught the case the first and second times, so that I can hit him for being so ignorant! For the first time in a while we have a victim that really wants to make me cry. Definitely a good job by the writers.

Elliot lets the cat out of the bag: He tells Dani that Olivia was a child of rape. Which is great detective bonding (notice the sarcasm) except for the fact that Elliot is trying to make a point. The victim said something along the lines of “imagine how hard it would be to tell your husband that you were having a baby by a rapist.” Dani agreed with the statement, argument ensues, cat pops out of bag. Only problem is, Serena Benson wasn’t married. She didn’t really have anyone to tell. How is Olivia remotely related to this part of the story? (And later, when she is connected, you let her down!)

Now we find out that not only is the rapist attacking these women multiple times, but he’s doing it to get them pregnant! Eep…

(After being asked for DNA sample)

“That doesn’t sound like fun.” – Perp

Yes, because DNA collection and analysis is supposed to be oodles of fun. *Rolls eyes*

Stabler was owned by Beck at this point of the episode. He keeps telling her that she doesn’t get what it is like to be part of the special victim’s unit, and he’s right. Beck is pretty insensitive with some of the interrogations. But, she also makes an extremely valid point that needed to be made: Women can always be more aware. Beck isn’t trying to be insensitive, but she doesn’t realize the coldness of her remarks. Her information would be much more effective if she was a bit more compassionate.

“From now on I want to be known as the intrepid Detective Munch.” – John Munch

Munch should definitely be called that for the rest of the season! After all, he is one of New York’s finest, finest.

Munch and Fin discover rape calendars… this just gets better and better by the minute! Beck follows the perp, ends up confronting him outside instead of waiting for the sting to go down… normal Tornado Beck behavior. This time was very different though: she probably would have killed him if Elliot and Cragen hadn’t interfered. The assault scared her, more than anything had before. This could be one of the last straws for Dani in the unit: if she can’t handle her temper, there’s no way she can be part of SVU. Even in the name of justice, she can’t kill the perp. But… the scene was so well done that I literally stopped writing and just stared at the screen.

“Could you raise a rapist’s child?” – Victim’s husband

Now, Elliot now! Now is the time for the “my partner is a child of rape” line, in defense of your partner! If you can’t defend your own partner, what does that say about you?

So Beck is visiting her husband’s killer in Attica… and she’s incredibly under control. How’s that for a total character flip! It could be because Stabler is in the room, it could be that she’s under her own steam. Either way, the words she said could not have possibly been fabricated, and the pictures were a touching smack in the head.

Overall: I’m stunned. Honestly, “Confrontation” was the best episode of SVU that the writers have come up with in a while. While it is undeniable that the subject matter was gruesome and morbid, it is exactly what makes SVU, SVU. And, to just further excite my fangirl, the amazing storyline was supplemented by some great, but not overpowering personal interactions. The episode was also much heavier on the Munch and Fin interaction; I think I’m in SVU heaven!

Dani Beck… what are we gunna do with Dani Beck? She’s all over the map, but made some beautiful points about the unit in her conversations with Elliot. Dani definitely isn’t the perfect puzzle piece fit for the unit… but we all know that sometimes we just jam the pieces in and make them fit. (You know you do it.) In the end, it all works out ok, and you have some wonderful new pattern in the middle that wasn’t intended to be there, but looks kinda cool anyway. She definitely has to work on her people skills though. She has to know that the unit isn’t all cut and dry.

Perhaps it is dangerous for Elliot to continue working in the same unit. Though he is still nowhere close to “getting used to” the unit, the wear and tear on him must be incredible. Maybe he should take some time off, go work on a tan, sign some divorce papers, stuff like that. Elliot almost self destructed last season, I don’t want to go through that again.

In Two Weeks: Olivia TV: All Olivia, all the time. This episode is back to Olivia Benson goodness, but is also the fifth episode of the six episode arch for Dani Beck. We’re undercover, but not underrated. Pass the remote!

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TVFan said...

This episode was excellent! Definitely one of SVU's finest. I love how you phrased your thoughts on Dani. She really is like the puzzle piece that you sort of jam in the puzzle, even if it doesn't fit. I like her and I think that the show did a great job finding a replacement for Mariska while she was off having her baby. Connie Nielsen had done a wonderful job.