Thursday, October 12, 2006

'Lost' In a Sea of Questions

Another week, another confusing episode of Lost. Here's a look at what Turtlemama and I had to say about last night's episode.

Turtlemama says: Well, I'm all kind of ways confused now.
Ben- AKA Henry....he said that he's lived there all his life, if that's true, where are the elders of the island? Why is everyone on the island middle aged, except the one older dude, but even he's about early 50's or so. So, I don't get it..I'm thinking that the magnetic field on the island keeps people from aging, somehow. There are some younger people, the young man in the other cage, for example, but no one is elderly. Maybe they drown all the old people? lol And what about kids, why aren't children around? They wanted all the children, but where are they?

Jack- Didn't Jack's father promise him something and Jack said "yeah I'll believe that when the Red Sox win a World Series"? I think I remember that back in the first or second season (when it aired the Red Sox had actually won the World Series and I was curious of that was just a coincidence).

The Boat- If Ben is watching everything and knows everything, how didn't he know about the boat? Something doesn't make any sense there. And why did he want it so badly, other than to get off the island himself.

Juliette- Ok, she wasn't creepy last week, but this week....she's creepy.....

And yay for Sun shooting that chick....FINALLY, a survivor got the upper hand with one of The Others....I wish the survivors could take the whole Others' THAT would be interesting!

Next week we go back to the flight survivors' camp...just when we were starting to understand more about 'The Others'...oh well, I have been wondering what they're all doing.

TVFan says:
Once again, we're presented with more questions than answers -- something that I have come to expect with Lost, but I will admit that I'm beginning to get very frustrated by this show. The Lost writers should take note because I have been one of the show's biggest defenders when it comes to the too many questions, not enough answers complaint. I have been able to sit back and let the show tell its stories on its own time, but nothing from last season has been answered and we're two episodes in already! To make matters worse, more questions keep getting raised. If we're to believe Ben, then he (and possibly the rest of the Others) was born on the island, but why? They're too old to be the descendants of the Dharma Initiative because that crew came to the island in 1980 as far as we can tell. So, we can assume that the Others aren't a part of Dharma, or can we? If they aren't with Dharma, then did they do something to the Dharma Initiative that caused it to end? Are they using former Dharma aquariums and zoo cages to hold Jack, Kate and Sawyer? It just goes on and on without ever presenting clear answers!

As frustrating as the too many questions with no real payoff is, there is something that is bothering me even more -- the fact that the writers assume that we remember every detail of all of the stories that they have told. This one is driving me crazy, and honestly, it's ruining my Lost experience. Last night, we learned more about Sun. The problem was, I couldn't remember the major players in her story. I knew I recognized the man she was having an affair with, but I couldn't remember who he was or if we knew that she had been sleeping with him. The writers need to realize that not every viewer is an avid one, participating in online discussions and following every story closely. It's great for those who do, but it leaves the rest of us, well, lost.

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suekola44 said...

You two pretty much covered the mass of confusion we refer to as Lost!!