Monday, October 09, 2006

'Housewives' really 'Like It Was'

Last night's episode of 'Housewives', aptly titled 'Like It Was' really was classic 'Housewives'. I was engaged the full 45 minutes (we TiVo, no commercials, so it's really only 45 minutes). I was interested, I wanted to see more and the previews for next week left me wanting more. I'm not sure why we had two episodes of 'filler' but those were pretty bad, well maybe bad is the wrong word...boring is the better word for those episodes.
Orson went and found Bree's estranged son and acted as if he had a heart and really wanted Andrew to return home. But you have to wonder if there is another motive behind that move. Everyone has an agenda, right? We'll just have to watch and wait.

Susan's time at the cabin with her 'friend' Ian. All does not go well, as Ian has only been with one woman in his life, his now-comatose wife. Susan, on the other hand has been with 9 or 11, she wasn't so clear with the number. He freaks out a little and she feels as if he's judging her to be 'loose'. The scenes were hilarious between the two. At one point, Susan runs off to her room and Ian knocks on the door and Susan responds "Sorry I'm with a client." It was laugh outloud funny! Classic 'Housewives', that's what I like about this show, and finally we get to see it again.

Lynnette has to go on a road trip with Nora, which goes all kinds of ways wrong. Lynnette finally tells Nora that she's a nutjob, which sends Nora spinning out of control...finally Lynnette and Nora meet back up (after a trip into on coming traffic and Nora hitching a ride with a truck driver) and they actually talk to one another. It was nice to see the explosion finally happen. Nora reveals info about Tom to Lynnette and we finally get to see 'inside' Tom and Lynnette's marriage, which I always loved about their story.

Gabby hooked up with John again , remember the gardener? He's now successful and well off, financially, and engaged...which Gabby didn't know. The elevator scene...CLASSIC!! I think that was my favorite part of the entire episode.

Oh yeah, Mike, remember Mike...dude in coma? Edie goes to visit him, well she went to get her CD player from his room, where Susan left it for him. Right before she left, she took a peek under the covers, then walks out the room and turns back to see him awake! YAY! I like Mike and hope that Susan ends up with him, I think they could make their relationship pretty interesting.

All in all, I think 'Housewives' is getting back on track, I'm not sure why we had such a bumpy start. I think Bree should have held off her wedding, to find Andrew instead of getting amrried and canceling her honeymoon. I think that would have been a better way to show Orson's true colors (if they're going the way I think they're going with that storyline). All in all, it was class 'Desperate Housewives' last night and next week's episode looks like more of the same! Maybe Marc Cherry has been reading the blogs about how bored we've all become with the 'Housewives'? Either way I'm back to being a 'Housewives' lover!


TVFan said...

That elevator scene was laugh-out-loud funny! Definitely one of Housewives' all time bests. Edie was in her classic form last night. I loved her "This Florence Nightingale routine is really chapping my ass" comment. And Lynette and Nora are the funniest storyline so far this season. I LOVE how Nora drives Lynette crazy. It's some of the best comedy on TV today.

michelle said...

So good to have the show back the way it should be. Finally an episode worth tuning in for! Can't wait for next week.