Thursday, October 05, 2006

'Lost' Once Again

Since Lost is such a huge show filled with many different theories, symbols, characters and much more, PTR is bringing you double coverage each week. I'm teaming up with staff writer Turtlemama to bring you two perspectives on all of the episodes this season. Here's a look at last night's big premiere.

Turtlemama says: The Village - How surprising was THAT!? I actually stopped what I was doing and said aloud, "WHA-!? HOLY --!!!!" Interesting items to note; The Village had CDs, modern furniture, modern clothing, and the newest Stephen King, not to mention when they had the 'earthquake' everyone went outside and looked they knew what was happening. Also, the leader had a well-thought out plan of what to do in such a situation. After just seeing that, thoughts of cults and social experiments (basically bringing back the Dharma Initiative) came to mind.

Juliana - Haven't we seen her before? And if you noticed in the intro she was holding back tears. She also didn't seem happy when her thoughts on the book were called out and she made the statement "Free thinking still exists." So I'm wondering if she's going to be one of 'The Others' to turn and take sides with the flight survivors.

There really wasn't much new this week, I think next week and the week after that is when things will really heat up and we'll learn a little bit more. But my main question is "Why are all these people connected and on the same island!?"

Boy, wasn't it nice to see our favorite survivors once again!?

TVFan says: I always feel like I'm missing something when I watch this show. Take last night's excellent premiere -- I know there had to be significance to the ending scene, but I just can't put my finger on what it was. I'm talking about the scene after Julie told Jack that his ex-wife was happy. She walked into the hall and Not-Henry said, "Nice job, Julie." She looked at him and simply said, "Thanks, Ben." So Not-Henry isn't Henry, but we already knew that piece of info. Elsewhere, we learned that the facility where the Others are keeping Jack is a former aquarium and it looked like the caged area where the Others have Sawyer and Kate is a former zoo. This, of course, explains the sharks and polar bears from seasons past. In fact, one of the Others referenced "the bears" when he saw that Sawyer had figured out the food machine. We also learned that the Others seem to have built their own community complete with a book club and that they're some sort of hold over from the infamous Dharma Initiative. The question is, what do they have to do with Dharma and why are they so interested in Jack, Sawyer and Kate? And what did Ben mean when he told Kate at dinner that things were about to get unpleasant? As usual, I'm as Lost as ever!

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Scooter said...

So Tutlesmama thinks the blonde chick's name is Juliana, TVFan thinks it's Julie. Granted I thought it was Juliet. Now there's yet another mystery on Lost, what exactly is her name?

TVFan said...

I think it was Juliet, but Ben was calling her Julie. So, I guess it's either/or. Everything on this show is truly a mystery. ;-)

suekola44 said...

Amen to being lost on Lost!!!