Monday, October 02, 2006

Teams Finish Brick by Brick

How intense was last night's Amazing Race? When it came down to Tom and Terry's time penalty versus Duke and Lauren's birdcage, I was losing it. I didn't want either team to go, but I especially didn't want to see Duke and Lauren leave so early. There was a part of me (the part that hopes) that thought this was going to be a non-elimination round and then Phil did the big Phil Fakeout and I was sure it was non-elimination. Unfortunately, I was wrong and Duke and Lauren were sent packing. One of my favorite parts of the Race is the way that it allows the two people in each team to grow and change over the course of a few weeks. A lot of people reach a deeper understanding for their teammate, and I was happy to see that Duke and Lauren were no exception. Here are some entertaining tidbits from last night's leg of The Amazing Race.

*The trip to the former "Hanoi Hilton" was deeply emotional, and I was shocked at how many teams didn't take the time to sort of absorb the moment. I have tremendous respect for the Cho brothers because they actually went back into the room with John McCain's flight suit just to pay their respects. I know that this is a race, but I find it hard to believe that more teams weren't moved by the experience. The best part about it -- the Cho brothers ended up finishing first at the Pit Stop!

*The money situation was quite dire last night, and it pretty much cost Duke and Lauren the race. I can't remember another edition of this show where teams received zero dollars at the beginning of the leg and were told that they couldn't beg or sell anything to get money. Because Duke and Lauren spent their last $11 on the cab, they weren't able to get the second cab to the market, which put them further behind. Of course, they caught the rest of the teams, but then got lost and were forced to build the birdcage instead of the bricks.

*Did you know that making decisions with someone else is stressful? So true, and yet so funny that it took Tom and Terry this long to figure out that little tidbit. In fact, teamwork is the most important and frustrating part of The Amazing Race.

So, I'm totally bummed that my fave team, Duke and Lauren, were eliminated last night. They were fierce competitors, so I was surprised to see them get knocked out so early. What did you think about last night's episode? Were you as bummed as I was to see Duke and Lauren go? Leave me a comment with your thoughts.

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Turtlemama said...

My TiVo didn't get 15 minutes in the middle, during the flower sellinng challenge...But I was a little sad that Duke and Lauren were eliminated...and like you I was hoping it was non-elim! LOL No suck luck!

jifbug said...

I missed the whole 2nd half of the show because of the whole tivo/delay thing. I am not sure how to avoid that next week.
But it is sad that Duke and Lauren are leaving. They're not my favorites, but I did like them.