Monday, October 23, 2006

Housewives Wasn't Very Nice Tonight

By Turtlemama
PTR Staff Writer

PhotobuImage courtesy of Desperate Housewives- THe Game
Episode 305; Nice She Ain’t

No, I don’t think there was a truly nice female in the most recent episode of ‘Housewives’. Edie is stealing Mike, Nora is trying to steal Tom, Gabby is trying her hardest to hurt Carlos as much as possible. Bree founded a plan to get Danielle’s History teacher to break-up with Danielle (it worked). Susan stole Mike from the hospital to try and get his memory back, ok she wasn’t exactly mean in this episode, but she was the only one! Julie wrote a crappy paper for Edie’s despicable nephew, but made him think she wrote a perfect paper…he got a D-. Even Lynnette said a little too much to Tom about his idea for opening a Pizza place.

I took notes while watching and will just post those, you can understand them, they are in paragraph form…let’s try a new way to discuss ‘Housewives’….next week; Bulleted lists! (KIDDING!)

Orson isn’t psycho, or is he? He’s being very calm and thoughtful and maybe even helpful. I can’t wait until the psycho comes back out…that will be an interesting story!
Danielle is such a DRAMA QUEEN! But hey, “NO rush, she isn’t trying too hard.” Man I laughed so hard!
Only Bree could say “Not in front of the therapist!” ha! That one made me giggle! heee! See, I'm still giggling!
Was Danielle a little ‘80’s’? Wow, that was classic Pat Benetar right there in the therapist’s office.
Bree is AWESOME! Moving her daughter in with the teacher Danielle is sleeping with! If telling him that the student he’s sleeping with is in love with him doesn’t work, THAT certainly will! Oh the ending to THAT story was classic…Teacher breaks up, but Danielle, being Bree’s daughter and all, takes the under-handed way of handling things…Like mother like daughter!

Tom’s Pizza Shack? Now THAT would make for great TV! I can see Lynnette and Tom trying to juggle kids, managing a business and having a life all at the same time now THAT would be interesting.
Ok, by a show of hands, who has been thinking that Nora is trying to break up Tom and Lynnette since episode 2 of this season? I’m telling you, she wants the life of Tom and Lynnette. It was nice to see a conversation between Tom and Nora…Nora mentions conversations, but we haven’t seen one yet without Lynnette in the room.

Carlos and Gabby are just hilarious….I had to think what the chick in the bathtub was thinking when Gabby walked in on her and then Carlos introduced her to his soon-to-be ex-wife. Then Gabby brings in Carlos’ arch enemy! Heee! I love some Gabby and Carlos disagreements. The scene with Gabby and the bed was great! You know, as much as those two are competing with one another, they’ll be back together very soon.

Mike really has a distaste for Susan, Edie is too good, too good at being a nasty, little [censored word that isn’t proper for a lady to publish on a public site]. I’m kind of sick of the whole ‘Susan Can’t Get a Man’ storyline…but I want to see Edie get hers, I hate it when people act like Edie and then good things happen to them….argh! Drives me batty!

Edie’s nephew is a scuzzbucket…and Julie is falling for him….she really doesn’t want to though, not that I can blame her (for not wanting to fall for him, he creeps me out).

Dead woman has Mike’s phone number on her? Ok, someone tell me their theory on that one, ‘cause I’m lost…but it explains Orson being connected to him. If you remember when they found the woman, Orson said in French “You are the first”…so he’s killed at least two women, and I bet Mike knows/knew about it.

Have you seen the new Desperate Housewives GAME!? Wow, they’ll sell anything they can brand won’t they?

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TVFan said...

Bree and Gaby's stories are the funniest right now. I was actually laughing out loud during most of their respective scenes this week.

I've always liked the Nora story line because of the funny way that Lynette handles it. However, I'm not so happy about her trying to break them up. The scene from the next ep with Lynette kicking down the door looks really funny.

I'm so sick of Susan and Mike. If it's not one thing, it's another.