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Disenchanted ‘Housewives’

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Well folks, I’ve been stewing about this review all day today (well sort of, between writing code for school and cursing my textbook anyway!). See, when ‘Desperate Housewives’ first aired I was hooked. It was a great show and the characters were awesome (my sister and I have a word for the high-strung ‘Bree’ types…we say “Muffin?”). Last season wasn’t that great, but the ending was pretty awesome! The start of this season however has me re-thinking my love of Wisteria Lane. I’m a little sad with the writers and producers of ‘Housewives’ because it seems that they’ve just become disenchanted with Wisteria Lane and its inhabitants. The story of ‘Housewives’ was interesting, it’s a show about women, created by a man who modeled it after the neighborhood he grew up in as a child. It was a recipe for success! But now it seems that ‘Housewives’ has sort of become ‘That Show You Watch On Sunday’ just because everyone else does.

Last week I had my doubts, this week those doubts are even stronger. I could recap the whole episode in about two sentences… Bree doubted her new husband but married him anyway and during the reception a body was found, but wasn’t the last wife. Gabby and Carlos’ baby came out black due to their embryo and another couple’s embryo being switched, they left the baby at the hospital. That’s it my friends, it was boring. Sure, there were a few funny spots, but just like a lukewarm party at an old friend’s house it was nothing spectacular. To be this early into the season we really should be glued to our TVs and chomping at the bit to see more. But honestly folks, come Tuesday afternoon I’m going to forget what’s going on and will really need that recap of this past episode.

See, last season we had a lot going on, Bree dumped her son on the side of the road, she watched her boyfriend die after a failed attempt to get her back (he poisoned himself and she let him die instead of calling 911) and then she started a relationship with the dentist who ran down Mike in the middle of town. Lynnette was juggling work and home and had just found out that her husband had a 12-year-old daughter from a relationship back in college. The mother of said daughter decided to move closer to The Scavos so that her daughter could see her dad (and I’m sure mom wanted to bum off her former flame’s successes). Gabby had a baby on the way, but her husband cheated on her so they decided to get a divorce. Susan’s soon-to-be fiancée was plowed down, as mentioned above and she was ‘stood up’ or so she though.

That’s a lot of stuff to play off of, and what happened in the first two episodes of this season? Bree jumps the gun and gets married…this just isn’t right for so many reasons. Susan yet again has man troubles and now decides to date a man whose wife is in a coma at the same hospital as Mike. Lynnette is dealing with crazy love-child’s mother, and that’s about all that we’ve seen with her. Gabby was so excited to be having a baby again and she cheated on Carlos earlier, so why break it off that quickly with him AND leave her baby at the hospital, even though the baby wasn’t technically ‘hers’…??? It just seems that they want to get through this season and do it now so that they don’t have to put any work into anything.

Next week they’re bringing back Bree’s son and they show a scene where Bree is telling her new husband “He’s eating out of dumpsters! I have to find him!” HUH? Where was that thought when she dropped him off in the middle of nowhere? I would have taken that storyline and brought the kid back in a little while with a new boyfriend and a job and he’s self-supportive and everyone’s happy….he’s just still pissed at Mom.
It’s just not making sense, it’s loosely tied together, if at all and I’m sorry to say that I’m just not feeling the love for the ladies like I used to.

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TVFan said...

I think you really nailed what's wrong with show. Things are funnier this season, but so far, that's the only thing they have fixed. I'm not sure why I keep watching other than the fact that I keep thinking that it's going to get better.

The Lynette storyline cracks me up and I think that Nora was a nice addition to the show b/c she brought back that special DH humor that was missing last season. The rest of the stories are funnier, but not necessarily better.