Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wednesday's Primetime Pass

Here's a look at what PTR is watching tonight and talking about tomorrow...

Lost (9 p.m. ABC) - TV's most mysterious series kicks off its third season tonight. Jack, Kate and Sawyer learn what they're up against with the Others. And much like the series itself, this is the only information that the network is giving out about tonight's premiere, so we all know what this means: expect the unexpected! says that tonight's big premiere "will blow your mind." The magazine's online site is a little more revealing than the press release, and it says that the show is getting its first gay character. Mike Ausiello, who has seen tonight's premiere, promises, "You guys are in for a treat of epic proportions. The episode was fraktastic.Publish Post Damon Lindelof and J.J. Abrams' script was jam-packed with thrills, chills, twists and turns aplenty, and Matthew Fox delivered what, IMHO, was an Emmy-clinching performance." What more do we need?

America's Next Top Model (8 p.m. The CW) - The girls learn to walk the walk, two girls get to hang with some former Top Model contestants, and one girl gets sick and winds up in the hospital. Oh yeah, and another model hopeful is sent packing.

Bones (8 p.m. Fox) - Bones and Booth take on the Federal government after an explosion kills a young girl. Tonight's episode is the last before the baseball hiatus.

And I have a photo from tonight's episode of Jericho (8 p.m. CBS) courtesy of the network. In the episode, Jake suggests sending four search parties out in different directions to find out what's going on outside of Jericho. He and Emily look for her fiance. Here's the chilling photo from tonight's episode:

If you miss episodes of Jericho, be sure to check them out at CBS' Innertube.

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