Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Claire Needs Her Own 'Heroes'

This week, Heroes decided to change things up a bit. Instead of leaving the Wow! moment for the end of the episode, they put it in the middle. Sweet little innocent Eden is working with Claire's father!!! This is bad for so many reasons. She told him about Peter, a hero whom can "stop time" and the cryptic message "Save the cheerleader. Save the world." The last part is all sorts of bad considering that "the cheerleader" is his own daughter. Having Eden as his spy allows him to have inside information on so many of the heroes because she has been working with Mohinder. And then, he told her to bring in "the precog." The end of the episode had Eden knocking on Isaac's door. This is not good. Not good at all. Speaking of Claire and her evil father, I don't think that she met her real "bio parents." It seemed that he arranged for some people to play the part of her biological parents just to appease Claire and to keep her from looking for her real ones. The question is, why? Was he just being a typical father and worrying that his adopted daughter would like her biological parents better? Or, does he know something about her parents and how they relate to her indestructibility?

Meanwhile, Niki's multiple personality power is getting her into more trouble, especially since she isn't the only member of her family with a secret. Her husband can walk through walls! Even worse, he can reach through bodies, and that's how we left Niki. She was lying on the floor unconscious after D.L. used his power against her because her alternate personality betrayed him. So, it seems that many of our heroes are in peril this week. If you missed last night's episode, you can watch it from free at nbc.com.

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adafairy said...

I knew there was something fishy about Eden!!! (that's what you get from watching too mamny shows - you suspect everybody ;-) ). This show gets better and better.
I keep wondering what the benefit of Niki's power is. It keeps on getting her into trouble. It should be interesting to see what will happen when/if she meets Peter - will he also develop an evil double?
What's also intriguing is the goal of Claire's father: is it evil or not?

Anonymous said...

ok, stupid question, who is the actress that plays claire's bio mom. What other show has she been in, me and my wife are trying to remember. Anybody?