Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Welcome Back to 'Mars'

Sometimes I forget how long the summer can be until my favorite shows return and I suddenly realize what I had gone without for so long. Enter Veronica Mars and last night's stellar season premiere. I know's Mike Ausiello has already mentioned the awesomeness of the Battlestar Galactica reference, but it bears repeating. I don't even watch BSG, but I love the fact that VM is so aware of pop culture TV trends. Besides, "What the frak is up with this welcome wagon committee?" may just be the best line of the episode, and this was an episode packed with classic "Veronicaisms." And while the show has an incredibly smart funny side, it's heart lies with its more serious one. Last night's drama wasn't very heavy, but we did watch the complete destruction of Dick Casablancas. Showrunner Rob Thomas told us that Dick was "a mess," but I was still surprised to see how far his rock bottom hit. His scenes showed a different, more well-rounded side to the character and I liked it. Last season, Logan said to Dick, "You're not that complicated are you Dick?" and Dick's reply was simply, "I try not to be." The scene was meant to be a funny one, but last night's breakdown proved that Dick's a lot more complicated than we thought, or at least a lot more human.

It seems that Parker is the latest Hearst Rapist victim. She was going through guys on a nightly basis, so unfortunately, she was bound to encounter the rapist. Her crying scene was so horrendous because clearly, no one deserves to be raped no matter how they conduct themselves sexually. So, Veronica is now back in the throes of solving the Hearst Rapist mystery. Elsewhere, Keith is in a world of trouble and it looks as though Kendall is dead. Of course, nothing is as it seems on this show, but things aren't looking good for the former Mrs. C. Cormick found out from Keith that Kendall was carrying a lot of cash (presumably in that briefcase), so did he get greedy? Or is he back with Liam? Perhaps his time in jail caused him to have a change of heart about Kendall and to go back to working with his brother. Whatever the case, Keith is stuck in the middle of nowhere with a crazy gun-toting Fitzpatrick. Where's Veronica when you need her? Tipsy on Mac's couch after having 2 too many Irish coffees (NOT the Java the Hut variety) and reeling in the knowledge that Parker has just been raped and had her head shaved. Yup, this season is off and running in typical Mars fashion. All of the screencaps in this edition are courtesy of

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adafairy said...

Loved the premiere and adored the BSG reference

suekola44 said...

I found myself actually feeling sorry for Dick! It's just so good to have Veronica back!