Monday, October 23, 2006

The 'Race' Gets an Attitude

A lot of good things happened last night on The Amazing Race. First and foremost, we're finally done with Peter!!! If he hadn't been eliminated last night, I was going to throw something at my TV. As obnoxious as he has been all race, last night was his worst performance. Between once again volunteering Sarah for a climbing challenge and relaxing on the ground as she powered through it to constantly acting like he was a big part of the team's success and getting mad at Sarah when they were lost in Kuwait, I had completely had it with Peter. This guy is one of the biggest arses to ever run the Race. The only reason that he and Sarah got as far as they did was because of Sarah. Had she run the race with a different partner, I have no doubt that she would have been one of the final 3 teams. Watching Peter get eliminated was fun enough, but then we got the extra bonus of learning that Sarah is not interested in dating him anymore!! She even dissed him by speaking to his (clearly flawed) character. Love it! Even though Sarah didn't walk away with the $1 million, she did get to see that Peter was a complete jerk. Other good things from last night:

*It's probably no secret that I love the "Back Packs" (Alabama, Kentucky and the Cho brothers), so I was so excited when all three crossed the finish line ahead of the model boys! How fabulous would a final 3 with these three teams be? Not that I think it will happen, but I can dream.

**The electronic camel races were awesome! I loved how Alabama cheered on their camel as he raced down the track. They even gave him a quick pep talk before he began. The best comment of all, though, was "Gotta stop with the attitude."

*The Cho brothers are the nicest team to ever run the Race. Not only did they scare off the beauty queens from going for the Fast Forward, but they allowed Kentucky to go for it. They risked their own chance at winning in order to ensure that Kentucky wasn't eliminated after being "Marked for Elimination" last week. Of course, karma is a strong force on The Amazing Race, so the Cho brothers found themselves a police escort that took them straight to the next location.

*I just want to thank the beauty queens for making me officially dislike them. I had been waffling between like and dislike, but last night's "sista" comment pushed me clearly into the Hate! column.

In the end, Peter and Sarah's hours and hours of driving around Kuwait City ended up being their downfall. Were you happy to see Peter eliminated? Did you feel bad for Sarah? Did you want to smack that smug look of off Peter's face all race? Leave me a comment with your thoughts. All of photos in this edition are courtesy of

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