Thursday, October 12, 2006

'Top Model' Goes to the Circus

Things are beginning to get nasty on America's Next Top Model. Sure, the girls are rid of troublemaker Monique, but it seems that Melrose has decided to take over the antagonistic role in the house. She's doing hers in a more covert way, but did she really think that Anchel wouldn't hear the bitchy things that she had to say about her in the hot tub?? Of course she knew, she just didn't care. And when Anchel called Melrose out during their meeting with Tyra, Melrose didn't feel bad about what she said because it hurt Anchel. She felt bad about what she said because Tyra found out, and she didn't want Tyra thinking that she was a mean person. Umm, sort of just proved that you are, Melrose! Anyway, the circus freak shoot was fun, although, I did feel for Megg. The bearded lady assignment was definitely the toughest. Most of the girls were able to overcome their less-than-beautiful assignments and turn in a good picture (the point of the shoot), but if you don't feel beautiful, it's difficult to sell it. Poor Megg! The judges are really unforgiving this cycle. One mistake, and you're outta there!

And now it's time for PTR's Top Photo of the Week! As I mentioned above, this week's circus freak shoot was difficult for all of the girls because they had to overcome their freak assignments and turn in a good photo. Some were able to do it, and others were not. The best photo belongs to... the elephant appendaged CariDee! She was able to break through the elephant trunk and produce an interesting, artistic photo.

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